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iPod and iTMS problem

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by williamsonrg, Jan 14, 2005.

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    My girlfriend just got an iPod, and for some reason it won't play any of the songs she has bought from iTunes. Some of them are ones that I bought, but others are ones that only she purchased, on her own computer. Any suggestions? I'm been searching the Apple site for help, but no luck yet.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Do you get some kind of error or does it appear to play the song and you get no audio?

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    The song title appears on the screen, then it immediately skips to the next song. Again, ONLY for iTMS-purchased songs...
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    Also, they all play in iTunes on here computer, just not on the iPod...

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    Did you put the iPod in manual mode and copy a playlist and not the songs? Look at the "Manually manage songs and playlists" option in the iPod Options button on the bottom right of the iTunes window.

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    OK... I just synced it *again* and now it seems to be working fine...

    Thanks for anybody trying to fix this for me.
  7. DJY
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    Not that I'd know cause we still don't have iTMS here...
    but I vaguely remember reading in here somewhere that you have to have played the song first on the Mac before hand?
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    Not sure what caused that little glitch... just the other day, it wouldn't turn on, so she had to reset it. Weird that I've never had either of those problems, but she has in just the month since she's had it. What causes the iPod to have to be reset? Just curious
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    if you don't use it for a while it goes into a "deep sleep" and when you activate it, it will show the apple logo.

    i believe that the battery will die (not die die but need to be recharged)after 1 month of no use.

    i could be wrong. also when she charges it, charge using the wall not the comp. i find that the comp sometimes isn't reliable....

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