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iPod Battery Calibration

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Axemantitan, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Do iPod batteries need to be calibrated the same as laptop batteries? I do this every month or two with my Macbook.


    I have heard to not do so will drastically shorten laptop battery life. Are iPods the same way? Should I charge it all the way and then let it run down and sleep before recharging it again?
  2. SXR
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    I don't think its that big of a problem with iPods. However, im just used to using my ipod till the battery is low or dies, and then charging.

    Maybe people who don't let it die and charge have issues?
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    I used to drain the battery before any charges. It made no difference. Modern batteries, iPods included, do not really need this.
  4. SXR
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    I did see a massive inprovement of battery life in my iPod touch when i did that, though. So i guess it can be good.
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    I saw no improvement between doing that on an iPod 5G for a year.
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    Apple does recommend this for its laptops. It's in the article that I posted above.
  7. SXR
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    if they recommend it , then go for it. I do notice improvements when I do so on mmy devices.

    When I unboxed my phone for example , or my iPod touch , battery lifes on those sucked! Now they don't anymore.
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