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IPOD Broke.They Can fix it, But Not Now!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by WillCanDo, Sep 1, 2005.

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    I have a 40Gig Ipod, It died, I went to the Apple store in Northridge CA, they ordered a new one. I returned to the store, picked up the new one, returned home, plugged it into my New G5, and no Good. I then attempted to reformat the drive, re-install the Firmware in the Ipod….No GOOD! I then went back to the store (30-mile drive) waited 1 hour at the Genus Bar, just to be told that they would have to re-order the unit and It would take one more week. I am an audio engineer, I use the Ipod for walkin music, test tones (pink noise, white noise sweep tones, Brown noise). I called Apple Support, got a supervisor on the phone, and after an hour and ½ on the phone I was told "There was nothing they could do and I would have to just wait for the replacement". I think this is where I cross my fingers that it would work. My advice to other Ipod users is. When you have your repair done, have them verify that it is in working order and that goes for product replacements, DO NOT ASSUME THAT IT WILL WORK OUT OF THE BOX!
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    mad jew

    Did you just sign up to tell us that?

    Umm... thanks. :)
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    Yes much thanks for that.

    As a side note

    Three iPods (including brothers, soon to be four including shuffle) and have never had a problem
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    I'm really upset with my iPod experience. I'm on my 3rd (replacement) and it died a couple days ago and it is not under warranty.

    I'm very sorry to hear about your iPods. I know what it is like. If it happens again, complain to apple and see if you can get a new iPod out of them. Those replacement ones are most likely refurbs.

    Good Luck.

    And thats another uncalled for response. :) :)
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    mad jew


    I wasn't meaning to be rude. It was a genuine thank you. I'm honestly a little chuffed that someone thought of coming onto MacRumors with the intention of giving us that sort of advice, it's very cool. Sorry to everyone if it came across the wrong way.

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