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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Jim on the Wall, Jun 13, 2007.

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    I own the current generation 30GB video iPod. Shortly after purchasing it back in September, I dropped it while running, and didn't realize it fell until I had stepped right on it. Fortunately, the iPod was in a folio type leather case so at the time there were no detectable problems. Although, when you look at my iPod on its side, you can tell that it has been bent a little from the stomping, this has caused to the metal to protrude a tiny bit, nothing major though.

    Ever since then, I have been extra careful with my iPod and to my knowledge this has been the only time my iPod has ever been dropped.

    But now, starting two days ago, if I go to play a song and then hit the menu button to look through my iPod or go turn on sleep mode, the backlight will turn off, the song will stop playing and I cannot control the iPod, unless I hit the center button. If I hold my iPod up to the light, I can see the screen there, but I can't do anything until I hit the center button. Sometimes this will happen without me touching anything, but if I keep trying to play a song, hitting the center button and play until it starts up again, I can listen to my music, but as soon as I hit the menu button the blacklight goes off and the iPod freezes up until I hit the center button.

    Can anyone help me with this problem? I have no "protection plan" or whatever it's called, so do I have to buy another iPod? Sorry if this was a little long, but I'd really appreciate any help.
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    You dropped and ran on your iPod?!?!?! What have you got against Apple?!?!? When did you buy the iPod and where in the world are you located (Apple says "1 year warranty" but in the UK an electronic device is by law meant to have 2 years so you could fight Apple and make them fix it or threaten legal action).
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    I know, it sounds pretty bad >.< when I talk about it. But I've never had any problems until now. I bought it in September and I live in the US and ordered it over the Apple site. So it would still be under the one year warranty, but does that cover damage made by the user?
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    Errr, No.....

    Try a claim on your household insurance policy,
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    Well no, it does not cover damage by the user, but it is pretty open to coverage. I would bring it into a mac store and have a genious look at it.

    Like you said, it worked for a while. If they dont notice any phisical damage and it isnt working... they replace it. If they notice phisical damage they are going to ask you about it in which case you would tell them the truth, it worked after you stepped on it.

    If it does not work... oh well, it is worth a try though.
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    You can just lie and make it look like its just broken overtime :p
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    Thanks for the advice

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