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iPod Casing not flush on one side

Discussion in 'iPod' started by NATO, Mar 18, 2005.

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    I've just recieved an iPod Photo 60GB but I'd just like to hear people's opinion of something I've noticed about the casing of the iPod.

    Basically, on all but the left side of the iPod, when I run my finger from the metal and onto the white front, there is no noticeable different in 'feel'... the two surfaces meet nicely. However, on the left side, my thumb 'catches' when running my thumb over it. Basically, the white front sits out slightly from the metal on the left side.

    If it was just a generic MP3 player, not a £300+ iPod, I probably wouldn't be worried, but is this something all iPods exhibit, or should I ask for a replacement?
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    This happened to my 3G after I sat on it. Maybe too much weight was applied on the ipod at one time.
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    This is a brand new iPod though, bit worrying actually
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    Well, do not worry,


    How about I worry with you.. I had not noticed it on mine (Same as yours 60GB photo) but after reading your post I checked mine and have the same result. I don't think it is anything to worry about. However, if you do push the issue and get yours replaced let me know and I will follow the same route.
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    I wouldn't worry unless it's something like a millimeter off.

    I've just run my fingernail over my iPod, and the white plastic front is slightly off centre, ie. when going from front to back it catches on the right side, and from back to front it catches on the left side, but it's just not noticeable.

    Remember, it /is/ plastic.
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    I think it is about a millimeter off... it's quite noticeable to me, it was the first thing I noticed when I picked it up (I've not long traded up from a 40GB Photo, so I remember what it was like). I've arranged a replacement so I'll keep you all posted when it arrives.
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    Had this problem too

    My casing was actually off enough on the left side that my fingernail could go inside the ipod. I sent it back to Apple and they replaced it no problems.

    Issue is that the same thing has happened to my new replaced ipod, and now it is out of warranty. I think I take good care of my ipod - never put in back pocket or sit on it, so not sure what I'm doing to encourage this.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to fix?
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    When this happened to my husband's iPod (a couple of times), we (carefully) inserted a corner of a credit card into the crack and applied gentle pressure to realign the sides of the device. I don't think we scratched it at all, but he isn't much of a perfectionist about looking for scratches--so while I can attest that this process should work to level your sides back out, I can't guarantee that there won't be minor scratches, since I just don't remember if the process caused any.
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    It's reassuring that this seems to be a normal feature of the iPod, as odd as that sounds. I hate to feel like I'm the only one to obtain a product which isn't 100% perfect. But then again, when looking at someone else's iPod, it always appears perfect. It's only when you get one of your own do you really get to know it.

    As an update to my original post, I've just recieved the replacement iPod which appears to be much the same, but slightly better. It's *nearly* flush on the left side. Looks to be something which is part of the manufacturing of the iPod Photo.

    It's only with Apple products can we be so demanding of perfection. No other company seems to come close

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