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iPod Classic

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dark Void, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Dark Void


    I bought an iPod Classic recently and I have a few questions (worries):

    Are the pictures for each option (like Music, Settings, Extras, etc) suppose to take a second to come up after scrolling to them? Quite possibly a ridiculous concern, but it makes the whole thing feel laggy sort of.

    Also, I have not had an iPod in ages, and when I press buttons kind of fast (like backing out of a album/song by hitting menu like 4 times or whatever) it makes a beep noise (for lack of a better description) and I can almost feel moving parts inside of it.

    I have apple products amongst other electronics and while I handle them with care I am not really obsessive about keeping them "mint" and I do appreciate their build quality.

    Is this thing flimsy? I mean I bought it because it was a brick compared to the other models and I'd like to be able to toss it around a bit (within reason obviously) and not worry about it crapping out on me.

    What's the deal?

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    You do realize that unlike any other iPod on the market today, it has a physical, spinning hard drive? As such it will have an access time, you can feel the "movement", and while tough, it can be damaged with sudden jarring.
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    Dark Void

    I figured it did, I mean, considering the large capacity. I stated I haven't had an iPod in ages and I will further say I haven't really been paying attention to them in the last few years.

    Should I baby it then considering the read time and not go so quickly?
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    No, going quickly through the menus will not shorten its lifespan.
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    Dark Void

    Cool, thanks man.

    Also, not to be a burden, but I noticed the USB cable has those prongs (spikes?) on the end that go into the iPod. I remember when I had an old iPod it used to have buttons on the sides to make them go in before putting it into the iPod.

    Do you really just jam it in and yank it out these days? It makes me hurt inside.

    And the beep noise is normal?
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    The whirring noise is normal; i can hear it from across the room sometimes. You do not need to baby this iPod at all - the Classic is built like a tank, and although you should be aware that it does have a HDD inside, you shouldn't really need to be more careful with it than with the glass front on the touch or iPhone.

    Edit: Also, congratulations on your new purchase - I bought mine in November and haven't regretted it a bit.
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    Dark Void

    Thanks man.

    I'm loving it so far and I am starting to get the hang of it, these few things just worried me.

    Does yours make a beep noise sometimes?
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    What do you mean by "beep" noise? like an ordinary hard drive click/whirr sound?
    I often get a "click... sheewwwww" sorta sound from it.
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    Dark Void

    Yes that's what I meant. I was going to say "Pew" sound but I thought that'd sound silly.

    Thanks for your confirmation, I appreciate the help.

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