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iPod Dilema

Discussion in 'iPod' started by CrimesofParis, Aug 26, 2005.

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    I have a 3rd Generation 20 gig iPod and for the computer that I use it with, the OS is Windows XP. I moved to my grandparents house because my parents moved to another city and I want to finish high school here so that means I get to use their computer with my iPod which also uses Windows XP. I am afraid that if I go to install the iPod on the computer that I will lose all the songs on my library. To make things more "fun", I do not have a back up of all my music here, the songs are all on my other computer which is currently packed away so the library on itunes only has three songs so if I plug in the iPod I am again afraid to lose all my songs.

    So my questions are, how can I get the iPod to work on this computer without losing my songs on it. Then if I can get that to work, I want to put the songs from my iPod onto this computer as a backup, so are there any programs that do that for a Windows XP OS and preferably if they are free, or even have a trial version.

    Thank you.
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    Go to VersionTracker and download "iPodRip", it offers a free trial version, and is very easy to use. iPodRip will convert the songs that are on your iPod into your iTunes library. Make sure you turn off the Automatic update in iTunes.
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    But wont just installing the iPod remove the songs from the library. And to turn off Automatic Update I have to go to Edit -> Preferences -> iPod but nothing appears in the iPod menu except for, "No iPod Connected". If I connect my iPod it will then lose all the songs on it.
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    When you connect your iPod to the "new" computer, iTunes will ask you if you want to sync your iPod to that "new" computer, SAY NO!!!
    After you do that, you can open iPodRip and begin to transfer the songs from your iPod to iTunes. After you update your iTunes library, you can then sync your iPod to that computer! Good Luck!
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    Beautifully explained. :)
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    Why thank you! :)
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    Plug it in. When iTunes opens say that you don't want to import. The go to my computer and click on the iPod.Then do w/e to show hidden folders (sorry, I forget), Your music will be in one the hidden folders.
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    Thanks, however as I stated I am using Windows XP, and iPodRip is only for Macs.
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    then do either what ejbasile said (works well, although a bit hard) or get PodUtil
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    what I would like to know is how to get ipodrip to automatically transfer songs to my computer and itunes. I've been trying to command-click each file over, but that's taking a really long while. Any ideas?
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    Go to "my computer". Click on your mounted iPod. Go under the folder properties and click "show hidden folders". There are a few folders and if you click on one and it will contain your music files. You then copy the all the files onto a location on your HD. Then in iTunes for windows click File and then click on "add to library".

    It woked for me. I once reinstalled my XP w/o backing up my music :eek:

    I have a print out of the full directions that I got of the internet. I can't find them right now though.
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    That would be lovely, except I have a mac... :)
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    Did you figure it out CrimesofParis?
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    Have you tried senuti?
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    Capt Underpants

    I second this. Senuti is free and doesn't have a limit on the number of songs (like the trial version of iPodRip).

    You can find it here

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