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iPod Docks <> iPod Protector-Friendly

Discussion in 'iPod' started by clayj, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Well, I just got my iSkin Evo 2 for my iPod Photo this morning... installed it onto the iPod (there's an adventure for you) and found that it now doesn't sit on the iPod dock I bought last week. Since protecting the iPod from harm (which involves NEVER unsealing the protector) is more important than docking it (I can still use the plain ol' cable), that means the dock gets to go back to the Apple Store and I get to pay a re$tocking fee.

    Hey Apple, how about making docks that are more "protector-friendly", so we don't have to choose between protecting iPods from harm and being able to dock them?
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    I might be wrong here, but I don't think you can find any prot. case for any iPod that you can still using dock without removing the case first.
    btw how do you like iSkin case? I just got iPod Photo 30GB and bought leather case for it in CompUsa but don't like it too much.

    EDIT: just remember that I had something like iSkin protector for my iPod Mini which I bought in Apple store (see thru one) I used it a bit but then it became dusty :confused: so I switched to leather one. I tried to clean that cover with no luck :mad:
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    Well, that's what I'm saying. The docks need to be designed so that they are more "protector-friendly".

    iSkin case is good so far (very snug, totally covers iPod), with one thing I don't like... I put the thing in my jacket pocket and now it's COVERED with lint. I read somewhere that silicone is a natural dust and crap attractor, and it certainly is.
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    Speck makes a skin that does this:
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    I'm a fan of the non-skinned iPod. It's like the car-bra theory. What's the purpose of protecting it from cosmetic damage if you're never going to see it?

    In regards to a change in the dock:
    1) Changing the dock for 3rd party manufactures is not only cumbersome for Apple, but albeit, against the design of Apple.
    2) To which 3rd party manufacturers do you give preferential treatment in the design?
    3) Why is it up to Apple to change the dock and not the 3rd party manufactures, their cases? It's like me telling Honda to change the lug configuration on the Civic because some tire company decides to make a 6 lug tire for the Civic. :rolleyes:
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    sorry I guess I missread your post. anyway the picture above ^ can be the answer for time beeng.
    Yes the Lint is what I was referring as dust, I hated it (you can never totally clean it) this is why I'm stuck with lether one for now.
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    I'm a fan of not getting my stuff scratched up, especially expensive consumer electronics. Everything I might carry with me, aside from my cellphone*, has a soft carrier to ride in. The iPod, especially with its polished chrome rear surface, is prone to lots of cosmetic damage.

    Well, the current design of the dock and the iPod provides NO allowance whatsoever for anything to come between the dock and the iPod... if some tolerance was built in, perhaps by making the dock's connector flexible enough to be extended out several millimeters, then skinned iPods could still be docked.

    * My cellphone always rides in a pants or jacket pocket with nothing hard that might scratch it.
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    an HP Tattoo, or generic equivalent will protect your iPod from scratches, and still allow Docking.

    You can also customise your own design.
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    I just did THIS to my iPod. Don't have to worry about scratches and I think it looks nicer anyway.
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