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iPod functions?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Jdm_rsx, Dec 19, 2004.

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    im talkin about from
    Mini iPod to the 600 dollar ipods

    what are the functions?

    4 gigs ? only stores songs?

    anyone know are they hooked up to the car?
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    It acts as a firewire/usb hard drive, so you can store anything on it. It can also handle Audible.com's audio book format (or whatever format you have your audio books stored as).

    You can hook it up to your car alot of different ways. Really depends on what kind of head unit have. If you have a 3.5mm input on your car stereo you could just plug it right in to that. You can also get a little FM transmitter and use it that way in your car. There's also some cradle type mounts that you can install in your car that go into the input on the back of your headunit, they also will charge your ipod when it's in it.

    Hope that helps.
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    it kinda like a memory stick? flash drive? store my homework in it? etc?

    i could use iTunes to organize my iPod right?

    sorry, newbie here, never owned a iPod and plan to own one soon...

    i also heard that new ipods can store photo? and color screen?

    is that the only difference?
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    anyone more more opinion???
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    It can be almost like a PDA. You can store contacts, calendars, documents, and you can read all of them right on your iPod. Just can't edit them yet because that would take to long to type with just a scroll wheel. There are games that you can play, 3 by default, but I believe there is the original Doom for the iPod if you found it and installed it. You can also use the iPod as an external hard drive, and use all the 60 gigs of space just to store files.

    I have my iPod just hooked up though the tape deck of my car, but there are suppost to be some new head units coming out that are tailored just for the iPod.
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    Sorry to say - You can't really use your iPod as a PDA. You can't input anything into it - you can only sync it when your computer is hooked up. It's not really designed for PDA functions, they just happened to be included as an afterthought.

    The only really 'useful' feature (besides the music!) is the clock. I always reach for my iPod when I want to know what time it is, but that's about it.

    It'd be nice if iPods had a calculator function in it.
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    I thought my saying it would take to long to do edits with a scroll wheel kind of got that idea across that the iPod doesn't have edit abilities. The iPod does beep when you have set appointments in iCal and have them set to remind you of them. So it does do more than just be and after thought. Try it. In iCal, set a meeting, tell it to display a message and sound at what ever time you want. Then sync to your iPod. At the time you set, it will beep, and display the appointment you are suppose to be at.

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