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iPod future and car use...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by corywoolf, Oct 21, 2004.

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    i made this picture, it's kinda half ass, but it would be cool if apple made a car deck like this. :rolleyes:

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    interesting, it would be a nice thing to have an ipod dock in the bay of a car, rather than in the glove compartment like the bmw

    i've always at least wanted just a standard audio in to every car, i can't believe they don't do it... the only car that i know of that has that is the mini and i just found out the other day. i always have to go through tape deck or radio with itrip in the car which sucks.
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    Cant imagine how many accidents would be caused by people scrolling through their playlists :eek:
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    I agree...you wouldn't want to be trying to read a little tiny screen next to you to find a playlist while driving. Personally, I'd just have buttons to select the audio source, like many car stereos do today (press the CD button for the CD player, Tuner button for radio, iPod button for iPod, etc).

    Really, doing any kind of menu navigation in a car while driving isn't practical. So any means of playlist selection via the stereo controls is going to be iffy to start with. But perhaps a Menu button to return function from the playing source to the playlists, then use the track selection buttons to move up or down through a single-line display large enough to read in a glance. Those methods of control are similar enough to the iPod interface to be workable (unless you have a metric ton of playlists).

    Can't figure out why you'd need a Compact Flash reader in your car, though.
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    thanks for responding so quickly, the bell rang in class as i was typing the last post, so sorry for the lack of detail. But i think a color screen would actually be more realistic, they would want to feature cover art. the iTMS would be a great success if you could buy songs as you drive. imagine hearing a song on XM radio and then having a feature that says buy last song or entire album of what you heard on the xm station. this is obviously 10- 20 years down the road, when wifi will be available on any major road or area. I could see this whole deck thing actually ending up just being a giant touch screen w/ GPS nav and all the latest mobile features. It would be too pricey for the mass's. it seems like something that would be made already or at least patented. maybe it is??? well, i think erveyone has been waiting for at least a deck option like this one. i got it...

    there is 3 diff. kinds you can get.

    -one with an ipod slot and a cd drive w/ am fm radio

    -one with an ipod slot, cd/ dvd-audio drive, am fm radio, xm radio, audio in/ out

    -one with ipod slot, cd/ dvd-audio drive, am fm radio, xm radio, audio in/ out, GPS NAV, onstar, iTMS, total bluetooth integration, and dvd screen/ playing

    just a thought....
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    of yeah, the CF reader would be for loading photos onto ipod and playing an songs on the CF card. maybe a USB or firewire link would be better!??

    you got a point...

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    my version of the new color ipod...

    i made this a week ago, its already been posted. but it took a while.
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    It's a cool idea, but that price looks a bit high. (Though I'm not familiar with in-car audio, maybe that's average). Also, IMO the design doesn't look very Apple. Make it white or aluminum and it's an Apple design ;)
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    ok... it didn't post... DOH!

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    yeah, it does look a bit dellish, lol
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    Very cool. If Apple introduced that, I'd buy it in a second. Especially if it played movies--I'd love to take around clips and trailers of my latest films on my iPod without having to hook it up to a computer to play them!
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    i wonder what apple will swtich too in a few years???

    (once the aluminum and white look is no longer appealing)

    i think apple will need to make a change in style soon, they will start being copied.

    i am getting bored of the aluminum and white look. maybe a drastic change like a black over aluminum. i mean if they paint the g5 black and keep the nice texture and all. just something to chnage it up. all this aluminum and white is making me sick. lol
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    OK, Here's my rendition of the new iPod:

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    not bad, but the dock on the screen takes up too much space. how would switch between scrolling through the dock and the regular menu?
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    i didn't know screen was spelled screeen, we all make mistakes, lol

    i am guessing this was a 20 min. project?
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    OK, here's the new version:

    Oh yeah, and to go to the Dock, you select "Dock" from the scrolling menu :)

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    And while I was at it, my rendition of the "iDeck":

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    cool, but the "ipod your bmw wihtout the bmw" wouldn't actually ever be used because bmw would obviously not support the use of there name with a add not promoting their cars. but i get the idea. i don't think apple will be able to keep impressing customers with the same old chrome and white ipod. i think they will make a drastic change, like i said above. but keep the adds coming, i think it'd be tight to have a page just devoted to fake apple adds. i know theirs some people that can actually make adds that would compete oe do better then the actual apple adds, that post on macrumors (i'm not one of them). :cool:
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    If Apple were to make a deck unit for a car, it would have to be black. A white unit would be WAY too visible in the dash and would surely be stolen instantly. A black panel would blend in with the stock dash better.

    Actually, I would hope they would use a motorized face that, when the unit is turned off, would flip over exposing only a flat black plastic panel. When the unit is turned on, it flips over again revealing an aluminum face (Powerbook/G5). There are a few CD Decks that do this already, and I think it's a great theft deterrent. That's what I'd like to see. :D
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    my car has a standard stereo in jack.

    (well, it wasn't standard with my car ['89 saab 990 turbo], but my deck does)
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    On the Mini, too, it's a $40 option. :rolleyes: At least it was in the launch year, unless they changed it.

    But totally agree....

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