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Ipod-Ipod Transfer Device

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ljrkrispes, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Has anyone used the Ipod-Ipod transfer device that allow the transfer of music/media without the intermediary of a computer? My friend has a lot of CDs on her iPod that I would like to get and this looks like an easy way to do so. The device costs about $99 and looks like a small box with a docking connector on each end.
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    I have downloaded this but cant you tell me how i can extract the songs with each name intact? rather than calling them all the same name or extracting one by one?
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    It works for me just fine.

    When you select the songs you want to extract, press the Extract button, a window appears, where you can set the filename structure.
    It's in the top field called Filename Template and looks like this, when you first open it.
    <artist> - <album>/<trackno> - <title>

    You can adjust that structure with the help of the ? button on the right and can also choose several other templates.

    I just downloaded that software, ran it and extracted an album (the soundtrack to Moon, bought via my iPod Touch) from the iPod Touch without any hiccups and the resulting files where stored on my Desktop in a folder called Clint Mansell - Moon (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) and had the names like 01 - Welcome to Lunar Industries.m4a.

    I used the latest version of expod and Mac OS X 10.5.8 on my 2.0GHz iMac.

    If that doesn't work for you could try Senuti, which was free in earlier versions, but now has a 30-day trial to download.
    I used Senuti with my earlier iPods (3G and 5.5G) and it worked fine.


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    I realised what I was doing wrong afterwards, i was replacing the template with a file name so doing that would name all songs the same.

    Your posts helped me get it done in a simple straighfoward way.

    Thanks so much
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