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Discussion in 'iPod' started by samrulestothema, Jan 30, 2009.

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    hello everyone.

    s heres the deal. i love the ipod video 5.5 loads more than the gay classics out now :p so i spent like 3 days HUNTING online trying to find a new one (obvs out of warranty tho)

    i found one, and i have a question. I want the new menu style of ipod, not the old one.

    Is there anyway i can get it?

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    NO. There is no way you can get the layout of the 6G and 6.5G iPod classic. Just buy an iPod classic, they are amazing!

    BTW, "gay" isn't a replacement word for "stupid." :rolleyes:
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    +1 for the gay, i hate when people do this


    I used to hate the classic but really its very nice. Just picked up one today to replace my Beloved U2 Video. the 6.5g has loads of touch like features. If u press and hold the center button u get a cool menu that lets u brows that album if u were in a different playlist and tart genius and much more.

    Very very cool
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    New feature in the new Classic I see. I know that the 120GB was getting the Genius playlist but I didn't know it was getting that menu thing where you can browse the rest of the songs from the rest of the album like on the iPod touch.
    See, I just had the 80GB iPod classic.
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    Its really cool

    I did not know about it until i played around with my new one last night
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    oh yeah I just found out the Apple Earbuds with remote and mic works (fast forward / backward, pause/play, volume, mic)
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    even with something like ipodwizard??

    i really want the new menu style :(
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