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Ipod Mini or Nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by wcoy14, Dec 28, 2005.

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    My G-friend got a 4g Ipod mini from her dad for Christmas. $179.
    I think she should return it and get the nano for $199. She would have to pay a 15% restocking charge of $25 though. What are your thoughts? Thanks for all your help I'm still learning.
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    Well since it was a gift...from her dad, I would just leave it be. If she really wants a nano then she can get one. If she doesn't care, I would let her keep the mini. Plus the minis are nice since they are made out of aluminum. The only advantage of a nano to me is that its flash and has a color screen. I personally like the minis more but thats my thoughts. Hope that helps somewhat.
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    She is fortunate to have received an iPod mini ... tell her to keep and value it. I wish I had one.
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    id keep the mini, but i'm weird like that. my rationale would be that it's upgradable (when 8gb microdrives come out and the prices drop she can have an 8gb mini), has better battery life, and a more replaceable battery, and well, imho nano's are too darn small! my brother got one for xmas and when i hold it i feel like im gonna kill it just from touching it :eek:
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    I had precisely the same thought as I held the nano in my hands at the stores last week ... super delicate.
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    It may feel delicate, yet you can still run it over with a truck and it will keep playing music. :cool:

    As for the original question: I would just keep the mini, seeing as it was a present from her Dad. - And remember a $200 Mini holds twice as much as a $200 Nano.
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    Yeah I would agree with everyone else, Just keep it as it was a present - And also i prefer the Nano to the iPod mini, but im lucky enough to own a Apple iPod 30GB Video :D
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    They sure must not be making trucks the way they once did.
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    Another vote for keeping the mini.

    I have a 1G mini that's almost 2 years old, in daily use and it only has a minute scratch in the display (from an unfortunate accident where I threw my keys into the same pocket as the mini :().

    I've never had any skins or bags for it, just the clip, and I even once lost it so it went tumbling down a concrete staircase. It didn't even stop playing. Those mini's are tough little ba...players, and from the reports of scratching of the nanos, I wouldn't trade my mini for a nano even for a minute (even if those tiny nanos look gorgeous ;)).
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    That's a good testimonial for the durability of the mini ... realistic, too. Question for you: what was the maximum number of recharges before the battery needed to be replaced?
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    The battery is said to last at least 500 times, not sure about a maximum... Mine is still going strong. I might not get the 9 hours from it as I got at its peak, but it still lasts me a good 6-7 hours on a fresh charging... :)

    More than enough for my use... ;)
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    ya thats #1 on thier list... make sure the truck can put a nano out of it's misery..
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    Thanks much ... those are good results for a 2-year old product. Every morning I see a decent number of minis while riding the train into Manhattan and last week was the first time I noticed some that really stood out. I spoke briefly to the owners and they had sent theirs to ColorWare in Minnesota ... they looked outstanding.
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    That's just flat, distributed pressure on something with no moving electronic parts. I doubt a mini would even show signs of having been run over. Besides, you can snap a Nano in half sitting down on it, or probably with your hands if you wanted to.

    I'd keep the mini. It's a tight brick with great design. I wouldn't trade my 1g green one for any other iPod.
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    I bought a 6GB silver Mini about a month ago (well after the Nanos came out) and it was nearly impossible to find. And definately don't return the Mini; they're selling for more than $200 on eBay.
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    I saw someone on BBC run over a nano in their car and it broke..

    I say dont look a gift horse in the mouth.. Why pay more for a nano, when a mini does the job.

    iPod Nano - $46
    Making her dad feel bad - priceless.
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    Although I agree with keeping the mini, just because she already has it, it was a gift and all the other reasons, however

    I'm getting sick of all the Nano haters.

    Who cares about running over a nano with a car? ya, I'll bet if breaks if you do that...so would most electronics.

    My Nano remains as flawless as the day I bought it months ago, not a single scratch, although I do use a case. The battery may not last as long, but it charges to full in like a half hour...and I like the slimness, and after a while it doesn't feel fragile at all.

    Keep the mini, but don't be fooled by Nano haters, it's an awesome device.
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    I'm not, necessarily, a "Nano hater", even if I prefer my mini... :rolleyes:

    As I pointed out, it's almost impossible to scratch a mini, while the nanos...well are a bit easier to leave a mark in... ;)

    Ok, the Nanos are smaller and sexier but the Minis are much more durable... :)
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    I would keep the iPod Mini, in mint condition. Since it is now a collectors item. One of the those things that Apple did right. ;) :)

    If she wants a Nano (which I do not like at present for reasons being), she can pick one up after MWSF when they introduce a Shuffle with an OLED. ;)
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    The Nano was built to be replaced after a year to two years. That is how Apple makes it sales and profits off the iPod line. Think about it, the iPod Mini was perfect in size and durability. If they kept that design and material people would only upgrade for space and many were fine with 6GB.

    That is why I feel that the iPod Mini case design was phased out, since they could have placed flash memory in there and you would not be compelled to upgrade to another iPod with the exception of having more space. ;)

    Apple needs to milk the iPod for all its worth. ;) :D
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    Check with the manufacturers. (AEWT-NWMT).

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