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iPod mini questions

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bloodycape, May 25, 2007.

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    I got a few mini questions. I did a preliminary search but nothing really came up. Other than the gig difference what were the other difference between gen1 mini and gen mini? How easy is it to open up an iPod mini? And lest say I replace the hd it came with. How would I load or copy the firmware over to the new hd? Would I just download something off the net then install load it on the hd then install it on the mini or is there another way to do it? Final question I thought I remember seeing in a mac magazine that there was a upgrade battery for the mini? Is this correct or was that for another iPod model?

    BTW: ipod linux vs rockbox which is an all around better software for ipods?

    P.S. other than ebay where would be the best place to purchase a working solid condition mini for low price? Thank you.
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    I can answer one or two of your questions: the battery life went from 8 hours to 18 hours. This is partially due to a better battery being used and partially due to the 2nd gen mini drawing less power. The 2nd gen also doesn't require an external power supply after updating the firmware, but the 1st gen does.

    There are lots of videos on the net showing you how to change the mini's battery, so they will tell you how to open it up (and put it back together).

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    Well thank you. What is a good place to get a gen2 that not ebay? Also how hard would it be to swap out hds? I want to install a 16gig CF card in one. So what should I be doing to make sure it is installed and the firmware works. Should I instal the firmware to the CF card and then instal the card or do I have to like copy it from the original hd to cf card via coping software(is it called ghosting?)? Thank you.
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    How can I tell the difference between the 1st and 2nd gen?
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    On the second gen ones the symbols on the clickwheel are the same colour as the case. This doesn't help you with silver ones though.

    I believe that the 1st gen ones don't say the size on the back whereas the 2nd gen ones say 4GB or 6GB on the lower back. The colours on the 2nd gen are more vivid than the 1st gen ones too (http://playlistmag.com/reviews/2005/02/review2gmini/index.php)


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