iPod mini won't turn on!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Mental Midget, Oct 24, 2005.

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    i recently bought this iPod mini, and i had a the same problem with it before, which is it not turning on, so i brought it back to the store, and they confirmed that it was dead, so they gave me another one over the counter, which i got home and found out that one was dead as well (imagine my frustration) . so i went back to the store yet again to find them with my old iPod plugged in again, and it seemed to be working.

    now i have had this iPod for 3 days, and its dead again, and before i go back to the store and talk with the associates that have an IQ of 6.2 / 100 , i would like user advice.

    So i went to bed last night with the iPod plugged into the computer, i shut off the computer ( with a fully charged iPod) and i woke up this morning to find out that it won't turn on . any suggestions
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    mad jew

    Do you live under the sea?


    That's some seriously bad luck with iPods you've had. What sort of machine are you using? PC or Mac? Do you have a lot of power surges or something in your area that could be frying the internals? It might be worthwhile getting the people at Apple to work out what exactly is wrong with one of your iPods to see if there could be a problem your end.

    In the meantime, reinstall your iPod firmware using the iPod Software Updater. That's assuming that your computer recognises it though. :eek:
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    yeah, im using PC, with windows 2000, there has never really been power surges here, only when the power pole fell over once. but i can't really figure it out, i think i can bring it down to one simple fact , technology hates me.

    But im just gonna bring it back to the dealer tomorrow, and see if i can't get one that works for sure, or just get my money back.

    thanks for your help tho my man.
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    mad jew

    Is the PC recognising it though?
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    well initially it did, but since the iPod stopped working the computer doesn't even seem to notice that i stick the USB plug into the USB outlet. kinda like the USB cable is dead or something.!
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    mad jew

    Does the iPod respond to being reset? Hold down the middle button and the top of the clickwheel for a while. :)
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    hahaha, holy crap i feel like an idiot, that seemed to do the trick, i thank you muchly buddy.

    scared the crap outta me seeing the apple symbol pop up.

    thank god i look like an idiot infront of the computer and not in the middle of a electronics store.

    once again, thank you.
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    mad jew

    It's still showing the first signs of a failing hard drive though. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets. :)
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    yeah, maybe i should still go see the guys in the store about it, but for right now im happy with it working.

    im right in the middle of moving and i didn't really wanna be musicless.

    thanks again.

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