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ipod nano help

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bill4588, Feb 6, 2007.

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    Ok first let me say that this ipod nano belongs to my girlfriends little sister. for the past week or so her nano has been funky. Half the time she connects it to her PC (yes she uses windows) the screen on the ipod nano locks up on the "do not disconnect" screen, but it's in black and white. Resetting the ipod fixes it temporarily but it happens again the next time she connects it to her computer. she has also tried restoring it with no luck. why would it be doing this? should she just take it to an apple store?
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    Is she using the latest iPod and iTunes updates?
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    im not 100% sure but I would guess not since they have dial up and hate getting online for anything. I'll ask her later today.
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    It might not be the problem, but it might help. :)
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    i would update it, drain the battery, charge it and sync and see what happens, if that doesn't do it, go to apple. I had a problem with my 2nd gen nano with the battery. They gave me a brand new in packaging nano :D

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