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"iPod Photo Cache"

Discussion in 'iPod' started by maclover001, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Whenever I sync my iPod Touch with iTunes so I can view my photos on the Touch, iTunes makes another copy of each photo in a folder called "iPod Photo Cache". I have a small hard drive (80gb), and this really takes up alot of space, considering I have like 9gb of photos.
    Do I really need this folder? Why does iTunes have to downsize the photos, I'd rather they just stay full-sized and take up more space on the iPod.

    Can this be done?
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    I have the same question. Does anyone know the answer?

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    it has something to do with resolution and size. the ipod had to make sure they are 1:in a compatable resolution 2: the right size and 3:are the right file format
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    I figured this, but something that has always bothered me is, if images are converted to be the right size, why keep the originals on the iPod too?

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