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Discussion in 'iPod' started by stevento, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Why doesn't Apple make a palm pilot like every other computer manufacturer?
    It could have all the capabilities of the current 80 G iPod but with AirPort and a stylus and a web browser. they could put mail, iCal and contacts on it. throw in bluetooth and i bet there'd be a line around the block on 5th and 59th to buy it.
    If they made it, I'd buy it.
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    maybe at macworld. at least we can assume we will see some sort of ipod. it could theoretically be a pda type ipod.
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    I hope it can also make phone calls.:p
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    keep wishing? Steve Jobs has said in the past that he doesn't consider the PDA market to be very viable.
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    If every other manufacturer is already making one, how likely is Apple to make a profit by competing in the market?
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    Unless its a blackberry type device I think the PDA is outdated.
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    good point
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    It would be nice if they combined two phones I love:

    Motorola RAZR
    Nokia 6265i.

    I want the design of RAZR in Apple Blackberry. But the nice functionality of the Nokia would be nice.

    I really hope apple makes AirPhone or AirConnect! Those would jbe nice names...
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    If it was a phone too, i think it'd sell prety fast.
    i dont like the sound of "iPhone" though i'd buy one if it existed.
    as long as its not to big.
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    Apple should stick with what they do best: computers and iPods. they don't need these extra things because they're doing great with their current offerings.

    remember when Apple made printers? they learned that they are not suited to make printers and focused on the stuff they really know how to do right and look where they are today.
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    I don't think Apple ever MADE printers, they contracted them out. Much like the monitors we love so much... Apple doesn't make them. Although they may "design" them.
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    maybe the iPhone will be like a phone with pda like features
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    Newton, anyone?

    Of course he's gunshy. But Apple will release on - eventually.
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    Maxwell Smart

    I think we all wish they would release something like this :p

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