iPod Shuffle 3G Pictures (2G Comparison Too!)

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by RaMaz07, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Hello all. I was asked on twitter to take some pictures of the new iPod Shuffle and I'd thought i would post them here as well. There is a link to a Zip file containing all the photos I took available at the bottom. Enjoy.











    http://tinyurl.com/af24qh - Link To Zip File With All The Photos Taken.
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    Sweet, the USB connecter looks so much different than any other one for an iPod. I still like the older iPod Shuffles though. The headphone controls to switch the song and change the volume just seems confusing to me.
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    i wonder what would happen if you plugged that sync cable into an iPod Classic.
    would it do anything at all?
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    I wouldn't try it, it might damage the headphone port.
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    I can't believe somebody actually bought one.
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    Awesome, thanks for the comparison shots.
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    Thanks for the pics.

    Uh, you can use the same connector with the 2nd Gen Shuffle.
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    Mr. Giver '94

    So how do you like it?

    Interface, VoiceOver etc......
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    ^ Yes, please share your experience with the new Shuffle.
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    I've loaded mine up with audiobooks and podcasts and it's fantastic. VoiceOver does a great job, even pronounces "colbert" properly for Stephen Colbert's book - they must have hard coded a bunch of names into the Alex voice.

    I've made playlists of all the albums I have on it so I can easily choose which one I want to listen to. Despite the focus of the product I'm not really a shuffler but I do love my playlists so to able to load a bunch of them on and be easily able to access them is great.

    I own all three versions of the shuffle and whilst I think Apple may have been better served to just make a 4GB version of the 2G model and added the VoiceOver/playlist support to it I still think it will sell by the truckload.

    After all, the vast majority of people out there in the real world are perfectly happy with the apple headphones - just look around the bus or train next time and count the white earbuds. We here on the forums sometimes get a little forgetful that we don't inhabit the same space as the overwhelming majority of the general public and it's the general public that will snap these things up with reckless abandon.

    It's a good product, not a great product like the 16GB nano or the 2G touch but then it's only $129 and for that price it's a steal.
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    Good to hear.


    The new Shuffle has some significant shortcomings in my book. However, I am sure that it will sell well. And, I will probably pick up one as well. :)
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    I Love It. So tiny, the cord is tiny which is nice, I like having the controls on the earbuds cord, VoiceOver is very cool, and The interface is great too.
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    I Just wish they did something to the Blank Face, Anything. A Way to Check Battery, or something similar.
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    That really is tiny :eek: Still too attached to my Sennheiser in ears though
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    ever wondered why people look at you in the bus, just because you switched to your album "The Massacre" (50Cent)? :rolleyes:
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    NC MacGuy

    Since my main use of the shuffle is while riding a motorcycle, the in-ears with the new one should work nicely indeed.

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