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iPod shuffle design flawed? Pic inside

Discussion in 'iPod' started by celebi23, Mar 31, 2005.

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    Not sure if I'm the only one that this has happened to but, yesterday I was removing the shuffle from the shuffle dock and the bottom portion of the shuffle snapped off. Full pic here along with updates:


    Sooo furious at Apple right now:mad:
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    Man, that really blows. It does seem like a bit of a design flaw. I would definitely take it to an Apple store and get them to transfer your files to a new one. Either that, or send it back to Apple.
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    Check the 2nd page on the spymac link. I went to the Apple store already, gonna call AppleCare :mad: right now, will post update soon
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    That sucks. I really like the concept of the iPod Shuffle, and I disagree with people who say you need to have a display for it. Held in my hand yesterday and really liked it. But as I say in this thread, our Mac mini would not recognize it. So it was probably defective, but nonetheless I have to say I'm wasn't too impressed with that. I mean I like the Shuffle, but when it doesn't work they way it should....well you just can't be all that happy about it. And now I see this. Seems like Apple has sorta slacked on the quality of the Shuffle :( Fortunately, this is the only major - non correctable problem I have had with an Apple product thus far. Hope it stays like that.
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    Called apple and they won't sodder the ribbon. Applecar apparently doens't cover physical damage and I'll be charged for a new one. Then, I went looking for a computer repair shop and found one in Wethersfield that initially said they couldn't do it because it's a 1 piece unit and I realized that the board inside was on a tray and looked like it could be removed. Went to this amazing site: http://www.chipmunk.nl/ipod/ipodshuffle.html and got the tray out. Computer Resources will reconnect the USB ribbon long enough for me to get the data off of the shuffle and for only $80. And i just realized that my dad won a 512MB shuffle through work:D Stuff it, Apple#mad
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    Everyone, call apple tomorrow and complain about the poor quality in the iPod shuffle. As you can see in my pic, there was almost no glue holding it together and the USB ribbon tape is incredibly thin and flimsy. Their coroporate office # is 1-408-996-1010. As you know, AppleCare was of no help. #mad I shouldn't have to pay for a new shuffle due to a design flaw
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    Wow, that is amazing. I guess I have been lucky with mine. It seems like it is very durable. I have noticed that it seems like it is tight when plugged in so I am always extra careful when removing it from the USB port.
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    Thats why if you can. pull it as close to the usb plugin as possbile
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    Went ot the repair shop in Wethersfield, CT which turned out to be the Apple Reseller that my family used to use up until 2000 :) The guy who helped was going to try and take the USB ribbon and plug from his 512 shuffle and put it on mine so i could transfer the data. Turns out that he had an incredible time popping out the USB plug. It looked like I wanted my files, the guy would need to severly damage his shuffle (that he wanted to sell in the near future) and that I would have to pay for a new one. I had some b-day money left over and put it towards that#mad So, he gets the USB plug onto mine and I get my files. In his shuffle, there was a TON of glue and on mine,almost none. Only the 2 clip things on the sides held my USB cap. He then used the parts from both shuffles to make me a working shuffle.:D Left some details out of this for some reasons. ( Big Apple is watching you) send me a message if you want the rest of the story.
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    I'm happy with mine, why should I call and complain? :rolleyes:

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