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ipod shuffle not syncing with itunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by silring, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Hi - I had to initialize my hard drive and now the music on my shuffle will not work with the itunes library. See picture. Is there anything I can do to avoid erasing all my music? Thanks!

    Picture 3.png
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    Hmmm, wish someone had an idea?
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    Are you on a PC or mac?
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    Well is there anything on your ipod that's not on itunes? if there is, then find a ipod to itunes program and move them and then then erase and sync. If it's the same music then the erase and sync won't make a difference. just my ¢2.;)
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    Seems from the picture that your are from a Mac.
    1. Enable Disk use in iTunes.
    Basically, just press don't sync on that dialogue, and go into iTunes.
    Then, find your iPod and press "Enable Disk Use".
    2. Download Senuti.http://www.fadingred.com/senuti/
    Choose the trial version because you will only be using it once.
    3. Start Senuti, and it should find your iPod.
    4. Select all songs with :apple:+A, and click the transfer button.
    5. There should now be a progress bar telling you what it's currently transfering.
    6. After it is done, check it really is done by quitting and going into iTunes to check if all the songs are there.
    7. Then, click Erase and Sync, and your iPod should now be syncing properly.:D
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    Thank you so much! Senuti worked. I was not able to access "enable disk use", and it was driving me nuts. And still haven't. But Senuti did work, it put all the songs into a folder on my hard drive. I had to keep the "popup error" box open in order to transfer the music, or everything would disappear. Weird. Now I just need to get them into the itunes window. Thank gawd for help from forums and hacks.


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