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Discussion in 'iPod' started by iPegboy, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Somerset, Troy store got some more shuffles in and I grabbed a 1GB yesterday. Music is great and i partly bought it because of the file transfer. well, i'm at work now and i'm on an eMac here. I want to take a few files home with me to work on my iBook.

    When I put my shuffle in the keyboard USB outlet, i get this warning
    USB Low Power Notice
    followed by:

    The USB device cannot operate because it needs more power than is available.
    To correct this problem you can:
    1Plug the device into an electrical outlet if it has a power cord.
    2Unplug the device and plug it into another USB port on your computer or other device that is plugged into a power cord.
    Problem is I can't plug the shuffle in any other USB hub. The ones on the computer, the shuffle won't fit. I plugged my mouse into the computer, just took the mouse off. just took the keyboard off. everything. nothing worked. any ideas??
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    don't know why that was blue and it highlighted some words. anyway, that's my current situation. any help would great be appreciated.
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    There was a news story about this recently.

    The Shuffle won't fit into the G3 imac either... you need to get a USB extension cord for the port, a Shuffle dock or a USB hub... sorry.

    From Apple's Shuffle page...

    4. Some computers require either the optional iPod shuffle Dock or a USB cable extender (sold separately).
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    no kidding? that's a kick in the nuts. so there's no way to get around this huh? having too low of power just doesn't make sense to me though. why would it work with my G3 iBook, but not my G4 eMac?
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    I don't know where this came from, because I've got an old 333MHz G3 iMac (tray-loading) and the iPod shuffle fits in the USB port perfectly. As it's running OS8.6 I can't actually use it, but it does charge.
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    Ports directly on a computer are USB 2.0. So even those on the side of your iBook are 2.0.

    I think all keyboard USB ports are 1.1. So you can either:
    1. Attach a powered USB Hub that will allow 2.0 transfer, or
    2. Buy a USB cable extender from your nearest retailer.

    Now, won't file transfers still work at 1.1, but just go slower?
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    I don't think his problem is that it doesn't fit into the USB slot, but that the system will not power the shuffle.
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    Software version

    According to the shuffle users guide on system requirements.

    "Mac OS X v10.2.8, Mac OS X v10.3.4 or later
    To use low-power USB ports, you must have Mac OS X v10.3.6 or later"

    What version are you using?
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    To use low-power USB portsyou must have Mac OS X v10.3.6 or later"
    Good call. i'm running 10.3.4 right now. i'm going to grab the IT guy right so he can update (systems are password protected).

    thanks... i'll let you know if this works.
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    download has started. combined OS update is 108 MB. ouch.
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    Ok, I know for a fact that older G4 eMacs don't have USB 2.0, and I would highly doubt that G3 iBooks have it either. What you are seeing is a problem with power, the keyboard doesn't provide enough of it, but the ones on the actual computer do. I experience that message if I try to plug a xbox controller into my keyboard.
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    That's not accurate... He said he had an iBook G3... Which means that the iBook only has USB 1.1. However, the issue at hand here is wether or not the port is adequately powered. The keyboards don't receive enough energy to run the iPod Shuffle, apparantly. And If I am correct, the iPod Shuffle just can't siphen enough energy from the port on the keyboard. And, because of the way that the eMacs and the old iMacs are designed, the iPod Shuffle simply can't fit into the USB ports on the side of the computer.
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    OK, did the software update and ....

    it works on the keyboard, no issues. ta-da! transfer of the small files went fairly quick as well. thanks for all the help. no need to panic, just software update iPod Shufflers!

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