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iPod Syncing Problem.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SXR, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. SXR
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    I wanted to sync my ipod today and something weird started happening. Ill explain in steps.

    1) I connect my iPod , the "Syncing iPod" screen appears on the IPOD. Also , iTunes is optimizing photos , all works fine. Also , a folder pops up displaying all the folders on the ipod ( just like you're using an USB stick , im using Windows XP )
    2) Then I go to the sync screen and select the albums I wanna sync.
    3) I click sync , and the folder dissapeared and it looks like the ipod is ejected. iTunes freezes , it says syncing ipod but the round circle that spins doesnt appear. Also , on the IPOD itself its just charging , not syncing.
    4) Then , iTunes gives me this error saying The Required disk cannot be found. The disk dissapeared just before I sync my iPod. It just dissapears from "My computer" in Windows.

    I need to sync my iPod a bit , as I have a trip coming up. I do have some content on there but would like to get this fixed.
    Also, I recently installed FlyakiteOSX ( changes system files to look like OS X ) can this be the problem?
    Any ideas?

    EDIT: ANother Question: I probably wont get this fixed by tommorow , so ill leave it for now. Enough content on there. Maybe a full iPod Restore will work? Anyway, my iPod can work fine if I just restore it right? Nothing is ever broken , just restore the firmware and its good. My iPod won't be a brick now , i think?
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    This link will tell you what to do. You can not lose anything as all your songs etc are on itunes.
  3. SXR
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    Yeah, I already looked there. When I come back from the trip , I will restore the iPod see how that works. I can't risk loosing my music now as im gone for some days.

    But as long as the hardware works ok , nothing is broke , as software can just be reinstalled. Thats nice :)
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    Good luck and enjoy your trip.

    Happy Xmas.
  5. SXR
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    Thank you. Have a great XMas yourself , mate. ;)

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