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IPod text storage

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jennconducts@ho, Feb 10, 2005.

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    Hi all. I hope you are all well.

    I'm thinking of getting an IPod, but part of my decision depends on if I can get rid of my PDA in the process. One of the uses of my PDA is to view an Excel sheet that is about 360kb in size. Is there a work around to the IPod limit on size of notes files (other than splitting the Excel file into smaller files)?

    Thanks for any info.
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    I don't believe there is. However, keep in mind that your Excel spreadsheet is relatively bloated in file size. If you convert the actual information into plain text, I wouldn't be surprised if it fit into only a few iPod notes. You may then be able to name the notes appropriately so you know which one you need.

    What kind of information is it? Of course, the info on the iPod will be 'static', meaning no editing or calculations of any kind.

    If it was unessential info (which I doubt), I could try converting it for you on my Mini and tell you how it fits. At the very least, convert it into a text file and see what the file size is then.

    I bought my Mini and it replaced my PDA as well, very nice substitute!

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    Unless you have talked to someone at an Apple Store, I'm not sure if the iPod notes function can display a Excel document, or at least I have never done it. I know it can do txt and doc files. And what the person above said, its non-editing, only reading of files. But you can use the iPod as an external storage device, so if you can find a computer that has excel, and a usb port, you can most likely hook up your iPod and edit it.
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    Thanks for the response. I left out one part of the question: My intention was NOT to try to view the doc as an Excell sheet, but to paste it in a Word doc, for size purposes. I don't need to do any Excel functions on the IPod or PDA, just view it (I change the data on my laptop, and sync the file to my PDA on a regular basis.) I just did this, and the size of the file, saved in Word text only format is 212kb.

    The file is my CD index. I'm a conductor/teacher and an avid CD collector, so I like carrying around the index with me, for when I shop.

    Thanks again,
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    It can do doc files, really?
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    i think it'd be really nice if it could view bigger files
    i had an idea for a program that would take the essential text from a vb forum thread ie member names and post content sans smilies, no sigs or anything, and convert it to a txt file for ipod viewing, but with a 4k limit it couldnt do very long threads.
    not that i'd know how to write it lol
    i suppose the ipod will eventually replace the pda but not for awhile i'd guess
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