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iPod touch Availability in Seattle

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by maestrokev, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Anyone seen the touch in Seattle yet? I think I'll drive down from Vancouver to pick one up when it arrives. Now that they're arriving in NY and CA, shouldn't be long for WA state I hope.
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    I called earlier today and they (Bellevue and U-Village stores) said they won't be getting them until the 28th but heck no one and that includes me will believe it so I will be calling them and possibly paying a visit tomorrow to check that out. As soon as I got any info I will let you know considering you're such a die-hard fan, driving all this way down...:)
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    Thanks for the update. I called University Village a few days ago and they said officially the 28th but they get Apple deliveries every morning at 8am so they never know what might show up and can't comment. Best is to call every morning. They said they weren't expecting the Nano's and Classics so soon but they arrived early as well.
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    I work by the one in U Village and usually go in there at least a couple times per week. If I happen to see them before the 28th, Ill let ya know.
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    Congrats guys we have the 16GB units at the U-Village store in Seattle as of 8:55 AM PST and as of 8:55 AM PST Bellevue store said they have none. I would assume they will get the shipment later but that's just me. Good luck hunting!:apple:
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    Sweet, thanks!
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    I just bought a 16gb from U Village.
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    I called U-Village 4 hours ago and they said they had NO 16GB touch's left (they all sold out already) - only 8GB which I thought was strange as I thought they were only sending out the 16GB iPods so far!

    So either the person I was speaking to was mistaken OR they are telling people who call that they have only the smaller size to try and stop everyone coming down at the same time!

    Bellvue also said they only had 8GB versions left - but both people I spoke to seemed evasive like they were hiding something - the U-Village guy seemed to suggest they may have some tomo but he wasn't sure if there was a delivery - but he almost sounded like he was lying to me, and the Bellvue lady said she couldnt say how many they had to me as they were NOT allowed to say!

    Its enough to make you wonder about conspiracies! not that it makes any difference to me as Im from England so won't be visiting either!

    (the reason I called was as my uncle lives in seattle and I asked him to get me one but he is not the type of guy to do it anytime soon - it will prob be sept 28th before he goes down there!)
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    Try the Southcenter Mall Store

    That's where I picked up a 16gb yesterday. There were none on display and I was only the second person to ask for one before 6pm.
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    No they're not lying. I called UVillage at about noon and the guy told me they had the 16 GB available, I didn't ask about 8 GB, they might have had those as well. I asked about reserving one, he said they can't do that because it's a new product, I was afraid they would sell out before I got over there. He did say they were selling briskly, but told me at the rate they were selling, they would probably sell out in an hour or two. I got there a half hour later and picked one up. When they are sold out, they are sold out. Also, they may have had a delivery after you called. No conspiracy.

    As for evasive, they are not in display in the store, you actually have to ask for them, they are stored below the counter. I guess they figure that since the initial quantity is so limited (most stores only have less than 10 at a time), they don't want to sell them all at once and prevent guys like the jerkoff in NYC who bought 10 at once, how would you feel if you went into the store and saw a guy buying that many and having the salesperson say "Sorry, we're sold out"?
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    I called UVillage store on Thursday around 6PM and they said "call back on the 28th". The guy was actually pretty rude about it, but whatever.

    I called Bellevue Square right after UVillage and they had them in stock. I picked up my 16GB Touch at about 7PM on Thursday night from Bellevue Square.
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    The Best Buy located in Tacoma (by Tacoma Mall) has them in stock (picked mine up about 2 hours ago). They're not on display, I had to ask and they brought me one out. Good Hunting!!:)
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    I just called the U Village store and they said they have a descent amount of them!!! I am gonna go get mine now.:D
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    They're here in Portland Oregon.
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    Great to hear that they're trickling in. I hope there's a 1 iPod touch per person policy until the stock levels are normal. The University Village store said they don't want to release the dates/time of deliveries for security reasons so you have to call before going. Has there ever been a case of armed robberies of new iPods? :)
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    Holy smokes! Now I know why they sounded so paranoid on the phone when I asked when the next shipment will arrive. Thanks for sharing the article.
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    Can any locals comment if Apple Stores or Best Buys have any regular stock yet?
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    Always call the Apple Store before going. You can find their phone numbers at the address below.


    You can check with Best Buy by using their online in-store availability check service at the address below.

    For 16GB


    For 8GB

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    Hey, I really appreciate the detailed reply! I didn't know they had real time availability.

    Its looking unlikely I can pick one of these up for my upcoming trip to Asia. I thought it would be perfect for in flight entertainment and on the go e-mail / map access.

    Has anyone in the Bellingham - Seattle I5 corridor been able to get any future delivery date info out of a BB or AS employee?
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    I wouldn't give all hopes up because Apple Stores get them quite frequently and you just have to get there in time.
    And by the way where are you going in Asia?:p
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    No, they've been very secretive with release dates and delivery. I was really excited about buying a Touch early but will the increasingly negative reviews of the screen I'd rather wait for Best Buy to get them as they have easier return policy. I have a new iMac with 1 stuck pixel and a new MB with 1 stuck pixel - quality is not what I'd expect. Will all be a moot point in another 2 weeks once everything starts shipping.
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    I just called the UVillage Store but sorry you probably won't be getting one from Apple Store as the guy just told me the shipment will be coming in as early as "sometime next week." Yeah I am a bit disappointed as I want to return and exchange my touch for a better screen...and my deadline is the 29th. freaky.
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    Hey, I'm off to China on Sept 29th, and then Malaysia.

    I was looking on Best Buys web site but can't find info on their return policy. Is is longer than 30 days or do you now have to buy an extended warrantee program to get no questions asked replacement?

    I'd like to get one for my 5 week trip, but want to be able to return it if the screen quality is no good.
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    My week 37 touch has the bad screen. I've been calling the Bellevue Square and UVillage stores the past few days in an attempt to get a new week 38 touch, but they have been sold out.

    I noticed Best Buy has them in stock and I did an in store pick up order from bestbuy.com. When I picked it up it was a week 37. I asked if they had any other touches in stock that had Macy Gray on the box, and they said that this was the first order they had ever received and they were all the Corrinne Ray Bailey boxes.

    Anyone have any idea if any of the local Apple stores are getting any shipments in by Sunday? I'm going out of town for a few weeks and would love to have a touch with a decent screen to bring with me.

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