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Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by ClassicMac247, Oct 24, 2007.

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    When will Apple create and iPod Touch case? Even incase hasnt created a case yet. If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Touch case please inform me, I'm afraid to bring it any where without one.:)
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    I actually have an incase leather case on order. Should be shipping soon.
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    I haven't seen any "official" cases but on the streets of the city there are off-brand skins available for $10.

    On that same note, touch and iPhone screens are the same size right? So if I wanted to just buy an iPhone screen protector that would be ok, right?
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    If you're in the Toronto, Canada area, you can pick up one of these for $15. They're silicone so your touch won't slip from your hands. Looks great too.

    Good luck finding one. :)


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    What is the brand and model?
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    That case is pretty nice looking!

    I'm also looking for a case, with a removable belt clip for the gym
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    ebay, anyone?
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    Sorry for the late reply. The brand is 'Momax'. You can visit their site here:


    Just an FYI that I'm not trying to promote them. :)
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    i went to BestBuy today and got a D-Lo Jam Jacket , it's a nice smooth silicone case. It's really slick , comes with a screen protector that feels nice and is less prone to smudging that the glass of the Touch. It also has some sort of ear bud cord management system on the back that i have yet to figure out and probably wont really use anyway. The Touch sill feels thin and slick , it doesn't really add any bulk at all , and now I'm not afraid to take it out of the house

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    If you don't mind my asking, at what store in Toronto did you find the case?
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    Spec Products always has nice cases.
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    It seems like the same companys that made the iphone cases are making the ipod touch cases..:apple::apple:
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    They (Incase) sure do! I have a black case and the wife has the pink one Incase makes for the touch. They are quite nice too. The Apple Store sells them, but you need to catch them when they are in stock.
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    All I want is that Griffin Clear case! What is taking so long?
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    I got it from a store at Pacific Mall (Steeles and Kennedy-Markham, ON). Sorry, couldn't remember the store name...their receipt didn't have their store name printed. I'm sure you will find a store there. There are tons selling cell phone accesories.

    Good luck. :)
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    I picked up the Leather(?) incase from Apple store and its kinda meh...I will trade it out for something else when there is more option for me down the road. It has a belt clip that can not be removed and it is nice and soft on the inside but kinda a tight fit in getting the touch seated.
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    Yes, the all leather one (black) is really tight but looks good. Mine is slowly stretching out and the headphone hole is becoming less of a hassle. My wife has the pink one that has a neoprene sleeve and a leather face - that one is really nice and fits quite well - but it's pink. :rolleyes:
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    I got the DLO Action Jacket which is great for the gym. I highly suggest it.

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    I got my iPod Touch yesterday. I bought a DLO Hipcase with it.

    I'm going back to the Apple Store today to return the case. It's offgassing something fierce, and if I try to wear it, the smell gives me a headache.

    I could put it out on the porch for week and wait for the smell to disapate but what do I do with my iPod in the meantime?

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    Old thread, but here are a few more cases to consider: NoreveUSA.com offers two for the Touch, and they are available in several colors of leather. eforcity.com offers several very inexpensive sylicone cases.

    I've got some of both. Save 15% at Noreve with "Summer08" as a coupon code through September 15th.
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    I actually have the exact same case(I got mine at Radio Shack MN). Mine came in a 2 pack with a clear one and black one, only $15. By the way I never did know what the two lines in the back were, do you know what they are for?

    EDIT- Mine also came w/ a lanyard strap aswell.

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