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iPod Touch Screen Burn?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jake9001, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Hello.. I just noticed my iPod Touch 2nd gen has a screen burn or something.. when I make the LCD pitch black (by going to an empty page with no apps and a black wallpaper on) I noticed there is a spot where the shade of black is slightly brighter than on the rest of the screen (the spot is near the bottom left)

    is this normal, or does my ipod touch have a screen burn?
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    Ivan P

    If it's screen burn then it will more than likely be in a definite shape resembling something that has been shown on the screen. It sounds like it's more with the backlight, where one part of the screen is a tad brighter then the rest. Both my iPod touch and my iPhone exhibit this on random parts of the screen, but it's totally unnoticeable to me unless I'm on a totally black screen (which is next to never).
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    Thank you, and yes it is completely unnoticeable but I have OCD when it comes to my ipod touch
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    Ivan P

    That makes two of us - once I notice the tiniest thing I constantly go back to look at it to make sure it isn't getting worse somehow :eek:

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