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ipod update 1.2.2

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by kungfu, Oct 7, 2002.

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    According to XLR8yourmac.com, the 1.2.1 release supposedly fixed a bug with the battery status icon that caused it to incorrectly display the correct battery level.

    MacNN says that this 1.2.2 update is only required for European users.
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    wow, that was quick.. five days i think... lol, and btw, i don't care if it's only required for europe, keep me up to date!
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    ummm... if want your ipod to sound softer i guess...? if you keep 1.2.1 you will keep those extra 4 decibels. that's why they're only recommending it to european customers because it actually makes the ipod worse.

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    i dont' get it, why would tehy do that?
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    To be in accordance with European laws.
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    huh? what european laws are we talking about?!
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    There's some law that states that devices like the iPod can't operate over 100 Db. :rolleyes:
    I know that I heard that somewhere recently.
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    french law states that you can't have devices which exceed 100 decibels.... are you trying to get 500 posts in a week or something?

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    Wasteland, that's f*cking great.
    Newbies beware!

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    yeah, i guess the wasteland part is true, i never have even thought to look in the archives... i prob wouldn't know where they r lol... btw, i usually only go to stuff on the mainpage or that gets emailed to me... i will have to check out the rest of the stie!
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    According to Apple the 1.2.1 fix corrected the battery icon thing.

    "iPod Software 1.2.1 fixes a problem with the battery icon. It now correctly indicates a full charge."

    Direct quote from www.apple.com/ipod/download
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    iPod too loud in France

    c|net covered this story a little while ago.

    The weird thing is that I seem to remember reading somewhere that the '100 dB law' is a French law, not a European one. But it looks like Apple is putting this restriction across the whole of Europe.

    Not that I'm too obsessed over an extra 4 dB, but it'll be shame if my new iPod (just ordered in the UK) will be quieter than its US brethren, just to satisfy some Frenchies. :)
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    personally i can't imagine 4db would make that much of a difference - but French ears must be better than other people's ears... or so they think. well, the rest of the world get something better - in the form of a 104db iPod! Frenchies just being difficult - whatever. Now they can't complain about the iPod any longer.

    The iPod is one of the world's best digital lifestyle devices every produced.
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    I don't think those 4 extra dB's will make much of a difference... And I don't think I could stand 104 dB when playing a song with a normalized sound level.

    Archive Wasteland. Ha! funny...
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    Ehm, those 4db do make a dieffernce, because it doubles every 3db or something like that... it was in the 1.2.1 thread.
    Anyway, I'm not gonna install this update, why would somebody do this?! Make my iPod more quiet? If I turn the Sound Level Check on, it's already quiet enough!!!
    And what are they gonna do for 1.3? just do two versions, US and European? I'ss stick with the US-one :D
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    Maybe the volume is only limited if you use the french localization? :rolleyes:
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    That would be cool, but I don't think so... it says:
    so I think it'll be for all languages...:(
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    i'm sure the next update will be for everyone. if you perform the 1.2.2 updater, you get 100db maximum. however those of us who don't - we just forget about 1.2.2 and we use the 1.2.3 or whatever - and continue as normal. 1.2.2 is for europeans only - just skip this one and all will be fine. i can't imagine 1.2.3 would apply 1.2.2 or even require it for updating.
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    whoa... sound level doubles every 3 dB..? I didn't know that.
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    zenith - how are you using an avatar & don't have over 500 posts?

    oops - didn't read your signature. understood now.
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    <puts on physicist hat>
    Yeah, decibels are basically a just a relative logarithmic scale, and they're used in many different contexts. In terms of sound, they're usually used in relation to the characteristics of the human ear.

    However, although a change of 3 dB is basically a doubling of intensity or pressure, it doesn't actually sound twice as loud, because we perceive sound more on a logarithmic scale than a linear scale -- hence the use of decibels.

    There's a good Java applet here that lets you compare a reference tone to tones that have been adjusted in volume by various amounts. The change from 0 to -3 dB is really quite slight.
    <removes physicist hat>
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    It's not an european standard

    I'm from Austria / Europe and please believe me. It's not an european standard. Only in France there is a law which says that portable audio devices are not allowed to be louder than 100 db.
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