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iPOD USB 2.0 Transfer Speeds??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by methdxman, Jul 28, 2003.

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    We all know that usually in real world tests that FW handily beats USB 2.0. My question is, I have a PC and want to get a 3G Ipod, I'm wondering if it's even worth getting a firewire card, or is the USB 2.0 almost as fast (faster) than the firewire connection? Anyone have any real world numbers or figures? thanks.
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    If you look at pricewatch.com, you cand find yourself a cheap firewire card for your computer ($11 as I type this). The cable for the USB 2.0 is $19.

    If you have USB 2.0 with your computer and you don't want to mess with the insides of your computer, get the USB 2 cable.

    Now if you want some conveinence, get the firewire card. You will only have one cable to mess with since firewire is a powered port, allowing you to charge your iPod while you upload data onto it.

    I have not messed with USB 2.0, so I can't say how much of a difference its transfer speeds are comparted to the firewire speeds.
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    Buy a firewire card. Newegg has some for less than $20 bucks shipped. As mentioned, the FW to USB cable is sold seperately, and also around $20. Faster, easier, and you never know when you may need FW again.
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    Sorry, let me clarify, i have a PC LAPTOP with usb 2.0 ports. I know i can get a cardbus firewire card (which i plan on doing in the future), but it's sort of a hassle because then I would need to buy a power supply for the card, etc. I'm just wondering if USB 2.0 speeds are up to par with the firewire transfer speeds because i do not mind getting the dongle and charging via ac adapter as long as the usb 2.0 speeds (real world tests) are up to par.
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    Ah. No it will be a little slower, but not horribly so as long as it's USB 2. If it runs at USB 1, it will be VERY slow. If you don't mind the extra cable, it's no biggy.

    I'd still get the FW if I could, but USB 2 isn't THAT bad. It's just a little slower than FW and has some limitations.

    So a google search for specifics, I think Barefeats and one of the PC mags had some real world test results.
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    Does anyone know if the iPod's can charge over USB 2.0? I'm sure the USB ports are powered aren't they?
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    no, there barly powered at all(about enough to run a keyboard or mouse.
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    The small HD in the iPod cannot read or write fast enough to utilize the full connections speeds of Firewire or USB 2.0.
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    The speed is NOT an issue. Theoretically:

    Firewire: 400 Mb/s
    USB 2.0: 480 Mb/s

    In some tests, USB is shown to be slower than firewire, but they are basically the same speed. Regardless of this, even a normal desktop hard drive wont be able to come even close to saturating either connection.
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    I wouldn't recommend a generic firewire card anyways, too may ipod compatibility problems reported.

    The USB 2.0 cable for the iPod rocks though, get one :)
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    Anyone have a FireWire Cardbus adapter that works with an ipod? If so, which one?

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