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ipod video- connection to monitor

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jac.blue, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Just wondering what if one can connect the ipod video to a tv monitor. Anybody know?
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    YES! the easiest way (and of course probably the most expensive) is to buy the iPod AV Cable from apple.com, i have one and it is sweeeet for someone who is willing to pay the hefty price of $19 (i think it was $40 for me but after looking it is now only $19) for a simple cable. but the answer is yes you can and i do all the time.

    -The Dulcimer-
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    Ok, that sold me, I am upgrading to ipod video.
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    Blimey, that was a loaded question then, wasn't it? :D
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    No kidding, I didn't even have to think and i was able to talk someone into buying an iPod? Man Apple should hire me or something :D

    -The Dulcimer-
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    "If One":confused: gezz sound like a robot. buying the AV Cable from apple is your best bet.

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    Thats not so much robot as much as British / Old English.

    -The Dulcimer-
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    I think you can use that, but you have to switch around the cables so one of the audio out cables is plugged into the video input of the TV. (Something like that)
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    got the cable

    You're right the yellow video cable isn't the video cable. I think my right channel (red) one is the video. But I can't get a picture to come up. My new question is, do you think it has to do with my old dock? Does it support video? Anyone know? If so I'm thinking about going out and getting the Apple A/V kit.
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    I read the review on the Apple site for their cable. In one of the reviews the person says something about settings so I found out I had to change a setting. Also with some more browsing the Apple site I noticed it's probably my dock that doesn't support video. Oh well. My A/V cable works great though. Thanks for all the help.
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    so wait... question about this.

    if you get an av cable and just plug it into the headphone port on the ipod, do you just get audio? or do you get video too? i wasn't sure if you needed to use the dock in order to get video.

    this may be my deciding factor in just purchasing an ipod now compared to waiting for the next generation to come out. it'd be sweet if i could just plug my ipod into the tv and watch the tv show/music videos/movies on there!
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    no dock needed

    No you don't need the dock. You can plug it in to the headphone jack on the top of the ipod. I watched a movie like that last night. I wanted the dock get power while it was in use. Plus the wire would be connected to something and not just dangling when not connected to my pod.
    Side note I went to Radioshack to get the mostercable A/V wire they didn't have it only had a radioshack brand. It works great and is 10 feet long and cost 16 or 17 bucks. I think that's a lot longer than the one Apple sells. but it is black.
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    okay, that's freakin' awesome that you can just plug the ipod straight into the tv. i didn't realize that. if you have it plugged in and are listening to music, does it then show the display too?
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    I'm not sure if I'm following the question, but it will play audio through the TV. If you're looking to get one and I were you I might wait to see what the next ipod looks like. It sounds like they may be giving it a bigger screen. At least according to the rumors.
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    does it display the screen on the tv as well though when plugged in straight from the ipod?
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    Only videos played on the iPod are routed to the TV and when they are they do not display on the iPod.

    You don't get the iPod UI on the TV if that's what you were asking.

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    okay, gotcha. i wasn't sure that if you were playing music, if the display would output to the tv as well. that'd be cool... but oh well. still handy.

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