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Ipod with issues...help?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Exille, Mar 29, 2008.

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    So my buddy just bought a new Ipod and he gave me his old 4th gen(?) 40gb ipod, he told me it works but it has a strange problem with locking up every now and again and when it did he would throw it at a wall to get it to work again....:eek: Anyway, once i got it i plugged it into my comp and it pops up the icon to be plugged into a wall and i dont have that plug.... also it was making a rattling noise like something loose i the case so i very carefully popped it open with a credit card and a little surface mount chip with a bit of hot glue on it came tumbling out :eek: i looked around the circuitboard and noticed a blob of hot glue (???) on the opposite side of the board from where the plug is for the pc connector although there is no pads where this chip would be soldered to and i cant find the spot where it should be soldered to....
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    time to go to the apple store or post pics
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    This first picture is of the little chip, imprinted on it is what appears to be KVJ9 although i cant be sure because the printing is super tiny and my eyes arent that great..
    This image is of the circuit board where i found the blob of corresponding hot glue, circled in red.

    I'm really hoping i can somehow repair this because i'm a college student and my budget is pretty much non-existent...
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    humm, well you could risk killing it and soldered the piece where you say you think it was or take it to the apple store (make a Genius bar appointment) and ask. Thats free all it costs is gas and your time. They will be able to tell you how much it costs to fix it, and/or if it can be fixed, and if that is the spot it belongs. is this a 4g i dont remember mine looking like this on the inside. so it does or doesn't work?
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    Well see thats the thing, from what i can see, there is absolutely no solder pads devoid of chips on the entire board...im fairly sure this is a 4g..i havnt been able to fully charge it to see if it works yet because i dont have a wall charger for it, have plugged it into my computer but the battery is so dead it wont fully charge because it kicks to the "charge me with the wall socket" icon..
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    Great pix. The size of that screen looks like a 5g video.
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    True, but it has a click wheel, the hold switch is on the upper right of the case, and i'm fairly sure it has a monochrome screen, but i cant be sure because i haven't been able to fully charge and fully boot it up.
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    4g has headphone jack in the top middle. 5g could be black or white with phone jack on top / side. Determine gen and then google a repair video. I've seen some very very good ones.
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    you need to get the charger and charge it
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    Charge it with the charger and give your friend a smack in the head for throwing it ... lol
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    I like that
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    5g videos don't have those notches on the edge of the screen(white area).

    Sorry I can't help but it wouldn't be hard to find a cheap decent logic board on ebay and such, looks like you can save that one.

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