Is anyone else using Webkit Nightlies instead of Safari?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by RamGuy, Feb 18, 2013.

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    Is anyone else using the Webkit Nightlies instead of "regular" Safari on their Mac's running OS X Mountain Lion?

    I do for the one simple reason that I feel Safari development, as pretty much all of Apple's software development is moving like a turtle. They are way to defensive with the software updates as of late, it seems like they almost have to test their software to death before they actually release it to the public.

    That's not all that bad, but technology and software development moves at blazing speeds these days and Apple's software department struggles to keep up, where is the new iWork Suite for instance? The only thing that seems to get regular updates is OS X itself, but it's mostly iOS-ish related features which tends to not get tested enough before released (oh the irony!).

    I still love Apple's Mac OS X system though, but their software has been lacking as of late so I have mostly stopped using Apple's own software. But since Google is making a real mess with their privacy policy with Chrome and their other services I have decided to stop using any of their services until they get their focus straight. I don't like the latest versions of FireFox at all which have brought me to start using WebKit Nightlies and I enjoy them quite a lot.

    My only real issue with WebKit Nightlies is the need for manually downloading new Nightlies and unpack them about every freaking day... I've heard about NightShift which was supposed to auto-update WebKit Nightlies for you, but it seems to be discontinued and not supported.

    Does anyone else here use the WebKit Nightlies and have some sort of decent way to keep it up to date?
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    I am using webkit safari as well and will never go back to the original safari for all the reasons you explained very well.
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    Are you doing manual updates every day?
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    Michael Goff

    You can do automatic updates, you just have to put Webkit in the applications folder.
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    Using the nightlies always crash right after turning the machine on from sleep mode. This happens on my rMBP and iMac.
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    I've been using Safari nightly webkits since so far is the smoothest web browser for the retina display MBP, Firefox and Chrome are retina compatible but not retina optimized so they both suck when scrolling (laggy scrolling). I'm been waiting for ML 10.8.3 to be released but Apple's software updates go like a snail.
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    Does anyone know how to have webkit open the same tabs after you close it? That is my only complain, otherwise I love it.
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    Mine does this. Are you updating daily?
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    yea pretty much, there's been a few days I've missed.
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    13" rMBP here and also using the webkit nightlies with no issues!

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