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Is DP4 stable enough for everyday usage?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by k4show, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I was thinking about trying it out before the July release. I don't have any important documents on my Mac since I just got it a week ago.
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    What kind of Mac? There are widespread reports of DP4 not installing on 2011 MBP.
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    Are you a developer? If not you shouldn't have a copy nor should you be asking for help with pirated software here.
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    Whoa... Back off tiger!
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    Working fine on my 2011 MBP
    I did a fresh installation, if the performance keeps up, I'll probably stick Lion out now until general release.
  6. WeegieMac, Jun 7, 2011
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    I've seen Lion in action thanks to a friend (who is a freelance developer of web sites and apps) who has it installed on a mid 2008 iMac and it's flying ... it makes my installation of Snow Leopard look slow as hell. Things literally pop open, it's unreal.

    As for the pirate issue, if I could get a copy now to play around with (since I believe this is as good as a GM) then I would, and I'll still be paying the £20.99 to buy it come July. I don't think anyone, well I wouldn't like to think anyone, would pirate a $29/£20 operating system.
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    It's funny how people who grab a piece of software that was only released to registered developers think that it's not piracy.
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    Where did I say it wasn't piracy? No need to be so arsey with me.

    Points, to recap:

    A. I've seen it run on a 2008 iMac, and it's super fast.

    B. I have a friend who works as a Developer of both websites (for a UK design firm) and Mac/iOS apps.

    C. If I had the chance of getting a copy now, regardless of it being piracy, then I would because I will be buying the OS the second it appears on the Mac App Store, then I'll be trotting off down to the Apple Store in Glasgow to replace my Magic Mouse with a Magic Trackpad.
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    I think it's easily stable enough for everyday use. At least that's the case with it being installed on my base 2011 MBP.
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    So how would you go about installing the latest build fresh instead of an upgrade (DP or retail) on your internal drive if you so wanted to, without burning discs etc?

    Could you install Snow Leopard via your install DVD to an external drive, blank the internal drive using Disk Utility, then run the Lion installer from there, chosing your internal drive you just formatted?

    Just wondering.
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    You could use the "Restore" option in Disk Utility to restore the Lion disk image to a flash drive and boot from the flash drive to install.
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    In my experience, yes it is. I wouldn't have said this about DP 3.
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    I think that DP 4 is most certainly the most stable build of Lion yet. While it goes still have a few bugs here and there, Safari no longer crashes every two minutes and everything is much more polished.

    The OS itself just feels a bit faster than previous builds. With all that being said, I still don't recommend running a non-final release as your main OS because of the issues that may pop up.
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    Yes, it is! Much, much better than the previous versions.:p
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    Macbook air late 2010, 1.4 ghz, 4gb ram. Not usable for everyday functions. For god knows what reason, apple decided to increase the minimum fan speed on laptops to around 4,500 RPM even at idle, previously my fan went at 2000 RPM idle. My temperatures are "normal" but my laptop feels a bit hotter, perhaps because the graphic card is doing more work now. Mission control lags a lot. It works but the animation is very sluggish and i had it crash once and log me out of my session.

    Going to reinstall SL when i get access to my thumb drive installer.
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    I would say it is stable enough for everyday use. Safari is finally usable and lightning quick too. I haven't run into any bugs yet on the limited use I have had with DP4 so far.
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    If you installed Lion on your internal drive and wanted to go back to SL for the official Mac App Store upgrade for $29, I assume it's a simple case of inserting your SL disc, chosing it as the boot disc from Settings, rebooting and using Disk Utility from the SL disc to format the Macintosh HD and reinstall Snow Leopard?
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    Hi guys! I've been reading for a while but only joined now 'cause I wanted to ask if anyone has tried upgrading from SL to Lion without performing a clean install, that is, updating your current system. What's your feedback on the experience?

    All best!! :)
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    Was also wondering this.
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    spaces/fullscreen/ or motioncontrol is very buggy on my DP4

    never had this problem on any of the other previews

    full screen apps suddenly overlap on one "desktop" or my app in the 2nd desktop suddenly jumps to the 1st desktop and sometimes a desktop just turns into grey and shows nothing anymore. also can't minimize safari and mail unless i force quit and reopen them
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    I did this lsat night and everything went smoothly. No problems whatsoever, all of my applications work just fine. DP4 is a pretty solid OS so far. Only thing was my time machine backup needed to be reindexed (which takes forever) and backup around 12GB.
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    Lord Appleseed

    I'm using it a few hours now and it works like charm, everything is as I imagined. If you can get your hands on the DP4 then try it for yourself.
    I will definitely buy it as soon as they finally release it.
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    seems good to me!
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    It's ready, yes. ;)

    I'm using DP3 and overall it's okay for daily use. A few apps such as Chrome and Safari have some quite persistent bugs.. Mission control and Launchpads performance just isn't that great.. And some of the overall general core animation **** is use LAGGY.

    I think it's okay. It doesn't FEEL like YOUR computer so much lol It feels like your borrowing one knowing that all the features aren't there being a beta preview and all.

    I'd say DP4 is definitely ready for everyday use. It's coming in July so I'm sure this one is just before Golden Master.
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    When you hide an application and then unhide it from its dock icon, the menubar does not get updated. This is a pretty major bug.

    Also, most of the animations are not smooth.

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