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Is it possible to change my username?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by techmonkey, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Is it possible to change my username?
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    nope. It's probably easier just to start over and put in a signature who you used to be.
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    Being that multiple registration is a bannable offence, this doesn't seem to be good advice.

    PM a mod. Explain why your name needs to be changed.

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    You are certainly allowed to close one account and open another. I didn't mean to imply that you should have two active ones.
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    Doctor Q

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    You are not allowed to close one account and open another.

    Use the Contact Form if there's a problem with your user name.
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    Ah, my mistake. Sorry guys, it's seemed logical.
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    It's okay. I'm sure, at the time, techmonkey seemed like a really good idea. ;)
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    Doctor Q

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    Primate research

    I see that we have a few high-tech monkeys in the forums, including users named bitmap monkey, Codemonkey, CompiledMonkey, cyborg_monkey, HexMonkey, monkeyjava, sourcemonkey, spacemonkey, and ubermonkey, not to mention chimpybits. Plus lots of combinations of "monkey" with "apple" or "mac".

    babababoon and rubbergorilla sound less high-tech.

    The member named obliviousmonkey probably hasn't noticed that he/she had a monkey user name.

    My favorite : polygon_monkey.
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    Not to mention RavenVII's and Miloblithe's avatars
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    I dont mind the name, just wish I used the same username of different Mac forums. I guess I could always put my username on the others forums in my sig.
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    Doctor Q

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    Because of the problems multiple accounts can cause and have caused. People have tried to use multiple accounts to evade rules and moderation, to shill for themselves, to trick other users, to avoid responsibility for their posts, and so on. The rules offer free memberships, one per person. There shouldn't be a reason to need more than that. If there's a problem with a membership, users can contact us and we'll see how we can help.
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    Maybe we can help techmonkey come up with a really good reason to change username... "sudden flash of insight has revealed to me that I am not actually a monkey, nor particularly technical..."

    I mean if i had my druthers now, perhaps I'd be holy-slo-go instead of lizkat, having been deemed "holier than thou" by someone after some post i made that suggested people should do 30mph in a 30-zone and people should not hack their iPhones.

    See I would not be trying to evade my responsibility or even the holier-than-thou-ness of that post, just thinking hey if I got it, flaunt it... ;)
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    But what happens if Doctor Q loses his license to practice doctorin? Or if CanadaRAM moves to Australia? Or if Mad Jew cheers up? Or if I forget what the heck binky2033 is suppos-.

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    He isn't Mad (angry), he's Mad (crazy). And that isn't going to change...ever. :p
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    Where's he been anyhow? One more day of this, and we'll have to let the Aussi police know something's very, very wrong:eek::p
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    mad jew

    It's okay, I'm back now. Still mad!
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    Well that's a relief; we wouldn't know what to do if you weren't still mad!:p
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    Scarlet Fever

    mentally stable jew doesn't quite have the same ring to it....
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    what about SaneJew?....nah, just stick with mad
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    So why is the original poster still a tech monkey?

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    Sun Baked

    There are worse things than being a tech monkey...

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    I think Doctor Q might make an exception if you wanted to change your name to serene jew. :D
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    man, i'm glad i didn't put "monkey" in my name...
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    You forgot ToneMonkey. :cool:

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