Is It Possible to Remove Server?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by gsmumbo, Apr 22, 2011.

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    So with Dev Preview 2 update 1 I am having collabd constantly crashing which makes crashreporter launch and take up a good portion of CPU. It is stuck in a loop and keeps trying to reopen. Is there any way to remove the server portion of Lion entirely(as I can't keep collabd from trying to start)?
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    I don't think it is possible without a reinstall. Why don't you just stop any service you don't need?
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    Figured it out. It kept trying to relaunch because the wiki server was turned on for some reason(everything else was disabled). Disabled that and collabd quit.
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    Yes, sorry I should have been more specific when I said services.
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    Hi! I have the same problem and could you tell me how to disable the wiki server?

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    Launch the Server app, choose Wiki on the left and slide the big switch to the off position.
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    Thanks. I tried but those 'ruby' by teamsserver is still taking up all the cpu usage. Have any idea how I can get them out?
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    I would kill them. The "Off" switch should prevent anything wiki related from starting up again.
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    Method I found to Uninstall Lion Server

    One workaround to uninstall Server is as follows (use at own risk, but it worked for me (and it may not be as good as a clean install but I see no traces of Server other than the left))...

    Go to Macintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices.

    There you will see both 'ServerVersion.plist' and 'SystemVersion.plist.' If you move the 'ServerVersion.plist' to the trash (you have to authenticate it) [make sure to leave SystemVersion.plist alone], and then restart… the System Version in the 'About this Mac' will switch from 'Mac OS X Server Lion' (before restart) to simply say 'Mac OS X Lion.'

    This is important because if you try to reinstall via the Mac OS X Lion Installer from the MAS, then it will reinstall either the server version or the consumer version on the reinstall based off of what version it thinks you have.

    Thus, after the restart, launch the Mac OS X Lion installer again and reinstall on the Macintosh HD. This install will remove the server options and give you a brand new system install while keeping your User folders.

    Again, it worked brilliantly for myself, but your milage may vary.
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    Apple has posted their own instructions.
    Note they say disable not remove.
    The .plist might still have to be moved though.
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    Excellent Advice

    Thanks so much for this information. I was wondering about installing the beta updates while "Server" is installed. Although it could be a little iffy, I am not using any Server services other than file sharing. Moving (not deleting) the ServerVersion.plist allows installers to not recognize that it is the Server version of the OS any longer and thus helps get past some hurdles.
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    I think as long as you disable it with Apple's instructions you should be safe, but in order to update/test 10.7.2, you can't install on the server, so you have to remove/move the .plist file. Apple should update this in the future, one would hope.

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