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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by macmongral, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Is ML a new OS or is apple just doing what they have done since Leopard throw out a new set on apps and call it a new OS ?

    has the unix core been updated for me that is the OS not the fancy apps we see, as I see it apple could just update the apps , finder, safari et al with updates without calling it a new OS.

    For me OSX has looked and felt the same since Leopard
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    So Mission Control looks the same as Exposé and Spaces?
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    So FileVault 2 and full disk encryption support in the OS is not an update to the OS? (Added in Lion)

    There are lots of changes between major versions of OS X, some of them just aren't as visible as others.

    Of course there have been lots of information posted about the changes. Whether or not you like them, the changes are there.
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    Apple's OS upgrades are far more than updating the various applications. ML is the exact same thing, they change many things in the foundations. Most of these changes though are not talked about simply because they aren't things that consumers care about. If you do any research with the DP you can tell that there are changes though.
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    Please go read John Siracusa's excellent OS X reviews on arstechnica. Every OS release has featured far more than cosmetic or app-level changes.
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    Seriously hanging out for the ML review for John Siracusa. As well, as being comprehensive he generally has good insight in to the way featured are heading and what clues that gives us about the next version.
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    That's because for the most part, the UI was decided on back in 2001.

    There are plenty of changes internally to the way things work, if all you judge an OS by is the UI look then you'll find very little change.

    Many of the changes in every release of OS X are aimed at developers - library updates to enable them to write more powerful software using updated programming APIs. This is why new software often needs newer versions of OS X - the old versions didn't contain the new features required.
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    For most of the ppl using Lion it does! I could not get used to it
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    Yeah, a shame. But then again, who needs 16 Spaces.

    Ups, I do.
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    It is a new OS just like all the ones beforehand.

    While some OS Updates are a lot visible than others i.e. more optical than under the hood, it doesn't change the fact that its a new OS.
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    Spaces was a big part of my workflow. I've adapted to the multiple desktops in Lion. I like it a lot. 20 desktops are a great option ... //smile
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    What i've learnt from viewing many users post on this forum is that if it looks the same its not something new.

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    I've never heard of these articles before. I know what I'll be reading tonight :)

    I'm really hoping for a new version of OpenGL in Mountain Lion myself.
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    :) and I believe there is many of us!:rolleyes:

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