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Is the iPod Nano Touch a Failure?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Squilly, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I don't see them around... like at all. I mainly see iPhones, iPod Touches, and on occasion, an iPad just because they're big to carry around. Would you consider the device a failure? Apple doesn't seem to be pushing the device at all either.
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    Be prepared for a slew of judgmental Doom-and-Gloom Bible-thumpers coming here claiming that "The iPod's Days Are Over Blah Blah Blah". ;)

    But yes, I think the iPod Nanos have seen better days. It is no surprise that the popularity of the iPod family has declined because the uber-popular iPhones (smartphones in general) have cannibalized the music-playing abilities of the iPods. And as the market for iPods is smaller these days, there is going to be at least one iPod model that will be the odd red-headed stepchild. That seems like the Nano.

    The iPod touches still remain semi-popular because they are a lower-cost zero-subscription alternative to the iPhones. They can do almost everything the iPhone can do, and can run about every app the iPhone can run, except they lack a phone. My prediction is that IF Apple does indeed start manufacturing a so-called "low-cost iPhone", then you can finally see the true demise of the iPod touches.

    Meanwhile, the iPod shuffles still got game... because their form factor makes them an overwhelming favorite of many athletes. It is no secret that gold medalist Michael Phelps used a custom water-proofed iPod shuffle during the Olympics. So did bazillions of other athletes. Plus so many people in gyms still use the tiny iPod shuffle during workouts. The cheap price of the shuffle means that it can easily be an impulse buy with minimal buyers remorse.

    So that leaves us with the Nano. Caught somewhere in between, it's really in a no-mans-land where it is hard to determine exactly what kind of customers the Nano is most suitable for. The touchscreen of the iPod Nano (touch) is not compelling enough. It simply cannot install and run the same App Store apps that the iPod touch and iPhones can.

    In the end, the Nano is the weakest link in the iPod family. I'm not sure Apple can do anything to "push" the design any further.
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    In my opinion, yes it is.

    I think its a stupid size, its ugly af hell, and the touchpart is plain stupid on that size of device. The old ones with the click wheel was way better. Remember its a music device.

    I really liked it, a lot more, with the small form factor, when it were like a iPod shuffle Deluxe.
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    Do you mean those tiny square ones? I have one in green :) I like to use it when I'm snowboarding or biking or things of that manner where I don't want to lug around some overly large, fragile device. I never used it for apps, since I Don't think it can even have any? I got it originally because I couldn't afford the larger versions...
    I never had one with the button wheel so I can't comment on that.

    I think really though, if you want to use it FOR MUSIC you could always get the 160 GB classic. Can't beat that :)
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    I have an older iPod Nano hooked up to my car radio and it works flawlessly in that capacity. I have a 5th generation iPod touch for travel since I can use the camera, translation app as well as the money exchange app. I don't have an iPhone since I do next to nothing on a cell phone. I am retired and I don't have the need to keep in touch with anyone. I have a TracPhone in my car for emergencies that costs me $80 a year. So there are uses for all the iPods and if they aren't needed by you, it doesn't mean they are leaving the scene anytime soon.
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    Jessica Lares

    I have one, and I love it. I just think that there are not a lot of people left that will buy a device that is purely media and nothing more.

    The touchscreen is great, especially since it's much, much bigger than the previous Nano. I have big hands, and I have no trouble navigating it. I use it everyday to listen to music, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and to count my steps. I like watching a little video on it too. Having my iTunes U content on it is great too. while I'd have probably upgraded my iPhone and iPad twice, this little Nano will probably be kicking around.

    People were hoping that it was going to be another "watch" form iPod. And I think that is why it probably didn't sell as well as the previous generation. But there were also people like me who didn't want to take a chance on a product that small too. So they made it bigger and made it much easier to use.

    It feels great in my pocket too.
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    Thanks for the review, I'm debating whether or not to get the Nano, my Ipod 4th gen click wheel's hard drive just died and I'm not sure what to buy, this, the Ipod classic, buy a cheap Sony 4gb and wait for product updates because I really only need an Ipod for podcasts and to have quick access to about 10 gb's of my music collection, I like the ability to connect to my home stereo and be able to play my entire library. Also in the future I would like to buy an Ipod touch to watch movies on the go and I think Apple is moving to offer an Ipod touch with 128 gb's, so I would like to wait on that. Not to mention the fact that the process to move your DVD's to the Ipod takes too long at the current moment.

    From comments on Youtube and various other reviews, many seem to be mocking this Nano but I like the fact that the hard drive is flash based unlike the Classic as I would rather not have the worry of another hard drive failure. I'm not too keen on the touch screen but that seems to be the direction all these products are moving toward, do you have a screen protector on your Nano?

    I'm assuming you like the sound quality of this Nano?
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    Jessica Lares

    I don't have a screen protector on my Nano. I tend to use it around my house, in the car, and while walking around. It's so small and thin that pretty much my pocket works better as a protector than an actual one would. The screen is so much better quality than the older iPods though, so I trust it not to scratch ever.

    Sound quality is good, like that of the other iPods anyway.
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    I have the 7th Gen Nano... I've seen one or 2 at the gym... but what's great about it is the bluetooth. It doesn't ever need to be seen. At the gym I have it clipped to my hip while I work out using my BT headphones.

    I do prefer the older "watch" sized iPod though and I just found an 8gb one for 85 bucks used on Amazon. I'm actually debating which one to keep right now.

    I also own an iPhone 5 and a iPad Mini currently, using a Nano in the gym is much better solution than my phone (which is big and heavy and I'm always worried about cracking the screen with a weight) and it's also great to not be distracted by texts and phone calls while working out.
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    Adding Bluetooth was a plus but they should have taken it one step further and added Wifi, then it could've streamed from Itunes Match, synced wirelessly, maybe included and pandora app etc, there is much Apple could've added


    I hear you and I might be going that route when My 4s contract is up, Getting a 64gb Ipod Touch 5 to use much Like I use my Iphone, without the expensive contract. Then I'll grab a low cost phone for when I need it, I really don't talk all that much, and wifi is really all around for when I need to use the touch...
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    I see at least one 6 gen nano in a watch band everyday. Not counting when I wear mine :p It's like anything else, once you have your own, you start seeing people using one too.
  12. Liberty., Feb 15, 2013
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    This is still the most beautiful iPod Nano. Just re-release it in 2015 (10 years iPod nano).
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    I went to Best Buy tonight to try the Nano out, of course on all of the Ipod models they had no music or video loaded which defeats the purpose, I'll have to try Radio Shack or the Apple Store tomorrow but I'm resigned to the fact that I really don't have a choice if I want a stopgap Ipod.

    The question for the people that have the Nano 7th gen, is navigating the music easy, for some podcasts I need to fast forward through commercials and I was surprised at how small the Nano is, in fact I understand some of the complaints, video must be useless with such a small screen, touch screen seems like a waste as well, better off with a click wheel and more memory. This is how Apple gets you, they don't give you a middle of the road choice, they don't give you 20 or 30 gb's, so if you have a large library you are forced to go with the Classic.

    Anyway my only worry is the small touch screen and ease of use with changing music and fast forwarding through podcasts, thanks for any insight you can give me.
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    I think the new Nano is great! But I prefer the form factor of the last gen Nano. So I am debating picking up a 6th gen Nano And returning my 7th gen. Having a hard time deciding to be honest. Love the Bluetooth don't dig the wide after having used a 6th gen before in my life (I sold it a while back because I was in need of money)
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    Jessica Lares

    No problems here! You just hold it with your hand, and use your thumb. So simple. Sorta like holding an iPhone, but it's much smaller. Take six icons from the home screen, squish them in slightly inward, and that's pretty much the interface. The status bar, menus, and all that are all similar or otherwise a tad bigger. Video is not bad either. I mean, you sorta forget that you're watching a 2" screen after awhile, especially when you're in the dark, haha. I don't do a lot of fast forwarding, but the controls are there at the top when you're playing podcasts.
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    I wouldn't consider the iPod nano a failure. It's just stuck in the middle between a very cheap iPod (the shuffle) and a really kick ass iPod with lots of features (the touch), the latter which is only $50 more.

    For me I still prefer the iPod nano for working out. It has built-in Bluetooth now, and has Nike+ integration which I use. Unlike the shuffle, it has a screen, so I can don't need to wear a watch, and I can easily switch songs and playlists. Overall it's not much bigger than the shuffle and is a lot smaller than the touch.

    People tend to use their iPod touch out in the open and keep their iPod shuffle clipped to their shirts. The nano has no such clip, and doesn't have apps, so usually it's kept in the pocket, which is why you're less likely to see people use it.
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    If you're used to the interface of the iPod touch, you can use the 7G iPod nano. and unlike the 6G "watch" model, the touch screen is actually big enough to be usable. Mind you, I wished Apple would offer a 32 GB version so I can store more audio on the player, though.
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    If they would have added wi-fi for wireless syncing/streaming, etc...then I think it would still have had many more legs to go on...but without, it's extremely limited when most all of people's iDevices have that functionality.

    For example, I have an old nano now that I have to manually sync, however I don't because my iPhone has all my music, and I don't have to worry about moving the cord to my computer, and waiting for it to sync.

    If it would auto-sync with icloud like my iphone, mac mini, and ipad, then I'd get the new nano to take to the gym instead of risking breaking my phone, lol.
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    Jessica Lares

    It only takes less than 2 minutes to sync 13 GB worth of stuff to it... :rolleyes: And all the lightning cords are the same.
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    Well I have been trying out the Nano and I'm leaning to returning it and just getting the Classic. Unfortunately the Nano does not seem to be conducive to playing podcasts, especially if you have to fast forward through the commercials, it is almost too touch sensitive with not enough real estate on the screen. For example, while rewinding or fast forwarding near the volume bar, you sometimes hit the volume bar. On the drop down screen from the top, it sometimes takes forever to pinpoint the small taskbar to fast forward it with increased speed. Also I hate the fact that the drop down screen which tells you how much time is remaining in your podcast, does not stay on the screen, it disappears after a few seconds and I don't see any possible way in the settings to keep it there permanently. That is a big deal when you are looking to see what place you are in the show, especially when listening to talk radio with commercials.

    I thought I would really like the addition of an FM radio but I find it does not get in many stations and when you try to manually tune it, the overly sensitive touch screen can be frustrating to land on your station.

    In general the Nano is too small if you like to browse your music library. My concern with the Classic was the traditional hard drive, I wish it was flash based but my first Ipod Classic lasted over 7 years, so I'm hoping this one does the same. I'm sure after I buy it, Apple will upgrade it but so it goes.

    It is tough to buy the Classic over the Touch but even though the Touch has a large screen, I'm afraid that some of the same issues as far as podcasts go, will be the same, for example the drop down menu not staying on the entire length of the podcast, although I could be wrong about that.

    Also I followed Apple's advice and fully charged it right away. I've been listening to a podcast for ten minutes and the battery level has already gone down a tick. This may be crazy to some but the Nano is even too small to put in your pocket, there seems to be an obsession with these wafer size products, I don't get it.
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    I have a 4th generation and I still see more 4th-5th generation Nanos than 7th generation. Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky, but I still think the 4th generation with the clickwheel was the best Ipod if all you want is a dedicated music player. Ipod has lost its way since.
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    I agree completely :)
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    i don't think it's a failure. i myself bought one and really like it. i was having second thought as i already have ipod touch, shuffle and classic and yet the nano 7th has a distinct place. it's so convenient to carry and 16 GB is more than enough space for all my music. i am using it more than my classic and touch and love carrying it. i can easily slide it in my pocket even with a case/screen protector. i even have a belkin armband that i use when i am out walking or biking.
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    Eh. I don't even use those features on my iPhone... overrated imo.
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    people aren't stupid - they've seen the Nano form factor flip flop and how Apple touts it as "all new" each time. they throw in great features, then take them away, then reintroduce them and call it "all new". enough is enough

    Apple needs to add features to the Nano - not take them away. Bluetooth was LONG overdue. hell, this thing should at least have Wifi for AirPlay, Wifi sync, etc.

    the reason why we aren't seeing Nanos all over the place is b/c the people around us who would have bought a Nano most likely spent the extra $50 and bought an actual $199 iPhone 16GB (subsidized price) where they can use iTunes Match and stream all 80GB+ of their music at their finger tips without the need to store anything locally. this is the same reason i don't see the iPod Touch anywhere either. the Nano has lost its purpose with the exception of people who use it to work out (i do), or 12 yr olds. but even 12 yr olds are getting iPhones.
    Apple is smart - they are doing this on purpose. the margins on iPods are pitiful compared to the all-mighty iPhone. if they could dissolve their entire iPod line in exchange for everyone owning an iPhone they would do it.

    for the sake of keeping the Nano innovative, it should at least have wifi and the ability to output via AirPlay and also stream from iTunes Match. the iPod Nano would work great to double as a home music remote. also bring back the camera and video camera, which would sync to a Macbook or Windows PC via Photo Stream when on wifi. these are all minor modifications that can still maintain the thin profile, albeit it would need to be a bit longer device than the current 7th gen. i'm OK with that though

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