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is there a way to have the "grid" view as a list?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by sucky, Jul 21, 2009.

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    On itunes, I'd like to have a list of artists so that if i click on an artist i can see all the tracks, just as if it were folders on my desktop or whatever. i know that the Grid view exists but id like it in a list. When i click the list view i get ALL my songs in a big list sorted by artist/name/track/whatever.

    Any solutions to this?

    cheers guys
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    I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, unless you mod itunes some how.
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    The only option is the gride view that shows by artist with album, then you click the album to view the songs. Not quite as classic as a tree view but for now thats all there is.
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    Does bringing up the browser view (command - b) solve the problem?
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    I retract my previous statement. I feel kinda dumb because that is what I had been using all along. I was going for the look he was going for as one single list like with windows explorer. You are no doubt correct that this way does the same thing, just in three windows. Kudos.
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    Awesome! thatnks very much guys i was about to dump itunes in disgust but this has redeemed it!

    good forum :D

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