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is there an app for enhancing the keyboard?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jojoba, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Being used to SwiftKey on my Android phone, I really think the iPad keyboard is well below average given the overall quality of the product. The apparent lack of a better keyboard is also the main reason why I haven't switched to iPhone.

    Am I missing something? Does anyone know of a SwiftKey type app for iPad?
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    That's annoying. I got the swype app today but didn't think much of that, either.

    Oh well.
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    The iPad supports the Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It's very nice.
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    Yes, I have an external keyboard (the LogiTech for iPad2) which I'm very happy with. It just seems a bit strange that the in built one isn't better since the technology appears to be there.
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    I happen to really really like the iPad keyboard.
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    Good for you.
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    The iPad keyboard is faster than swype. You can type on it like a regular keyboard or easily with your thumbs in portrait mode by splitting the keyboard.
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    Sorry I seem to have cut off the end of the post. I wanted to know what you don't like about the keyboard ? And as chrono1081 says you can split it if you prefer two thumb typing.
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    Thanks, both. Yes, I didn't like swype at all, so I've uninstalled that.

    I do like the 'split' feature and use that quite a bit. What I miss is an app similar to SwiftKey for Android. Its word prediction is ten times better than that of the iPad keyboard (or my native Android phone keyboard, for that matter), it 'learns' which words you are likely to use, it automatically shows three word alternatives for the next word in the sentence based on what you have started typing and/or the previous word, it automatically removes spaces before punctuation marks and question marks, and so on. It's just a really 'intelligent' app and it makes typing so much faster and easier. If you look at the SwiftKey app developers' page, there are tons of people asking for the app to be developed for apple products. So, I just think that adding something like that to the iPad would be great. But I'll stop moaning now :eek::)
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    Wh knows, with iPad 3 imminent and preview of ios6, something like what you're looking for may be included
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    I hope so. When it comes, I'll also switch to iPhone, too.
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    There are some keyboard apps that are not to some and searching for an alternative from swype nor swiftkey and would look for something that they can use as a user friendly type of keyboard strokes. Try and use this, I'm sure that you'll love it as well.

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