Is there any way to erase the Mac part of a Boot Camp partition?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by liquidocelot201, Oct 23, 2010.

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    About a year ago I used Boot Camp to give Windows a try. I liked it a lot, and the Mac side of my partition isn't doing so well (running out of disk space, among other things). So I've decided to get rid of my Mac partition entirely and just stick with Windows. Any way to do that? Thanks.
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    Sure, just boot from your OS X install disc and run Disk Utility go to the partition tab and delete the OS X partition. What you will have more trouble doing is expanding your windows partition to use the newly free space...

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    Thanks a lot. 2 questions, though.

    1) How do I expand my windows partition to use the free space?

    2) This one may be kind of stupid, but will erasing the Mac OS X partition affect my Windows partition in any way?
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    I think u have to go to Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage in Control Panel and do an Extend volume on the partition. Format the OSX partition to NTFS first and then try it. Let us know what happens.

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    OK, I notice the format for the Mac partition is Extended (Journaled) What does that mean, and how will I be able to format it to NTFS (if I'm able to do that)?
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    its a native format Apple uses, kind of like W7 uses NTFS. Right Click on the partition and choose format.
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    All right, I'm doing it in Windows now and I'm not exactly sure where the Mac partition disk is (there's C drive, my CD drives, and 2 blank drives which have a blank file system). I'm guessing the OS X partition is either one or both of the blank drives, but I'm not sure.

    P.S. Also, I'm unable to format both of them but I can delete one of them. Should I do that?
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    post a snapshot of what u have. The Mac one should say HFS on it.

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    That's actually pretty close to what I have. This is what I've got. It doesn't say HFS anywhere, though.

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    Dunno why it doesn't show HFS, but it's most likely the 159GB one.
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    All right, I erased the 159GB partition, and now I've got 160 gigs of unallocated data. You mentioned something about doing an Extend volume. I can't seem to do that, it will let me shrink but won't let me extend.
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    That's because you are currently booted to the partition you want to extend. You can't do that (easily that is). That's why I said it's more trouble. ;)

    What you can do is: Back everything up using the backup tool and location of your liking (including the native W7 tools) and then create a new partition using the space you want (using the W7 install disc) and then restore from your backup.

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    Can I do any of this with Vista? That's what I'm using and I still have the install disc for that.
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    Sure boss, I think Vista has a built in back utility. After you're done backing up, boot up from your Vista disc and just create one large NTFS partition and install your OS again.
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    And restore your backup.

    Would potentially be easier using Winclone, but since it's retired I'm not recommending it anymore (and you don't have OS X anymore...)

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    All right, I'll try this and see how it goes. Many thanks.

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