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Is there ANY way...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by wylde, Sep 10, 2008.

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    Is there any way that I can fully return my iPod to factory settings and return it, after I have jailbroken it? Or do you think they will look at it THAT closely? I just got it less than 2 months ago. Thanks!
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    Just restore it in itunes, better yet before you do that nuke it with the 2.0 nuke button.
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    It looks like you've got a two-part question.

    1. Can I fully restore my iPod to factory settings?


    2. And then return it when I've owned it for less than two months.

    You can return it if you've owned it for fewer than 14 days. Beyond that, they aren't going to accept it for a refund. Not a full refund, not a full refund minus the restocking fee, etc.
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    It is yours forever or until you sell it. You seriously think they are going to take back a 2 month old ipod? :confused:
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    Well I'm not so much looking for a refund. I kind of just want to exchange it. Will I have any better luck with that?
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    And what exactly does that entail? The 2.0 nuke button? You're not mocking me are you? :(
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    Why do you want to exchange it?
    I mean if businesses just accepted exchanges for the sake of exchanging then they'd fail.
    What is wrong with the device?

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