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Is there anyway to limit the size of a Regular playlist?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by todd2000, Dec 25, 2006.

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    There is an option to limit the size of a Smart Playlist to a certain number of MB, but is there any way to limit the size of a Regular Playlist? If not is there anyway to drag only selected songs into a Smart Playlist?
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    You can't drag anything into smart playlists. You need to define the parameters of the smart playlists.

    There is also no way to set a limit on the regular playlists as it's just a simple database.
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    You can limit the number of songs. Ctrl+I on the folder. 25 is the default number.
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    That only works with Smart Playlists.

    My uncle just got an iPod shuffle for Christmas, and Im trying to make a regular playlist that he can drag songs onto that will limit him to 512MB (well actually 489MB) so he can choose exactally which songs are put on the iPod, he doesn't wan't to use the auto-fill feature. I realize he can just drag them onto the iPod it-self, but that doesn't help if the iPod is not connected, since iTunes 7 no longer leaves it in the source list after it is disconnected.
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    Right. My mistake. You could create a separate library for you uncle. This wouldn't automatically be capped at 489MB but it would be easy to keep tabs on the size.

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