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Is this iOS 7 Beta 2?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by VSMacOne, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. VSMacOne, Jun 12, 2013
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    The picture was posted in a different thread regarding the Voice Memo app, but what I found more interesting was the look of the dock. It seems like this developer video shows (maybe?) beta 2 with a different dock. I like it much better.
    What do you guys think?

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    Here's the actual screenshot.


    And the current Beta 1 dock for comparison.

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    how in the world are we supposed to know what beta 2 looks like????? beta 1 just came out like 2 days ago man.
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    The dock does look more translucent.

    As for Beta 1, the correct answer is that it was just released to the Devs 2 days ago. It has been out there for some time, just not released for "public" use.
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    He's saying it looks like Apple developers are using a post-beta 1 iOS in their sessions, and it could give us hints as to what to expect in future betas. Seems fair to suggest they are still experimenting with the translucency of the dock and beta 2 could look like that.
  6. thebrocode, Jun 12, 2013
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    It looks real to me. And the OP of that thread has a reasonable explanation.
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    I hope so as I don't like the dock at the moment....needs to be translucent.
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    Very interesting find. The fact that Voice Memos is there alongside the more translucent dock lends credence to this.
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    It's not unheard-of for Keynote and WWDC presentation builds to be more recent than developer builds.
    Packaging everything up and writing solid API documentation for "public" consumption take a lot of time, all the while the engineers continue working.

    What you see in that screenshot is probably more representative of a future beta than an abortive old build.
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    Don't kid yourself. The beta 1 they just released is at least a couple of weeks old, if not older. Apple is already using beta 2 internally.
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    Really wish they'd remove the blocking for the dock altogether, keep the page dots as a separator, and add a subtle shadow fading in toward the bottom of the wallpaper to help the dock icons pop.
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    In a way I really like the 'block' dock, it would look better with a higher transparency
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    I this in that same thread earlier. I hope Apple brings back the shadows on the icons and icon titles... if not that, then a light black overlay over the wallpaper because my icon titles get lost on certain backgrounds.
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    I understand its everyone's prerogative to have an opinion about stuff after a brief glance, but I'm thankful most opinions I'm hearing don't have any real world consequences. iOS 7 is really a lovely job of design, and I'll defer to Apple to think about how to continue to improve how it looks and functions. I've barely used it for a day and much of it is already invisible to me.
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    Thanks for the intersting read, after reading i agree with you 200%, we are in for something great with ios 7.This needs to be posted in all those threads where people bash the icons lol:D
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    I think the next beta should tone people down a bit, we should see some changes that will refine the OS with each release.
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    They should get rid of the background on the dock all together.
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    Why? That article is nothing more than some random guy talking out of his ass and speculating (which is the exact same thing you see on this very forum).

    Using that article to put your mind at ease is no different than choosing any random post here.
  20. w0nker, Jun 14, 2013
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    The issue I see in that first screenshot is that the clock icon and time at the top don't match. Either a doctored pic or its a theme maybe.
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    Yup, nobody seems to have noticed its 9:41AM in the status bar and 5:46 or so in the Clock Icon? I call fake
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    How can you call it fake when it's in an official Apple video in the WWDC app? :confused:
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    I can't believe people are whining about the icons.

    Firstly as everyone knows its the first beta which is there for feedback and to be refined. Secondly moaning about icons, really? There are way more important things to sort out with this release rather than concentrating on such unimportant things as icons.
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    i actually read not just this article but another about newer leaked icons actually, it's not putting my mind at ease because im perfectly fine with ios 7 the way it is. Its even on my main device. I'm saying this for all the whiners who cry about how ugly ios 7 is knowing that, if apple did nothing, they would have critized like crazy. I'm good with ios 7. BRING ON FALL!!!!:)
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    A known tech writer for a very well known publication with known inside sources is really nothing more than a random guy speculating and is exactly the same thing as just some random post on a forum? Come on now. Even if there's speculation, it's still WAY different than something random on some forum.

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