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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by robotrenegade, Jun 25, 2003.

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    i just got mine today and in 15min of using it got really hot. Anyone else seen this?
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    Sorry don't have answer to your question as I don't have one (yet!).

    I would really appreciate it though if you could you give us a little insight into the dimensions of the camera, and the different mechanisms for attaching it to the displays! i.e. from what you can see, can the camera be attached to non-Mac displays, or indeed older generation powerbook displays.

    - Al
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    It's about 3-4x1.5.
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    Oh man, that is one seriously cool setup you have. Many thanks for the pictures. The iSight looks really nice.

    I hope you get the heating issue sorted.


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    robotrenegade, does the firewire plug have 4 or 6 pins?

    I'm wondering if I could use it on a Windows XP box with firewire port.
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    it cant be a 4 pin, because then it would need external power supply, so its 6 to 6 pin. a friend called me up with his isight and it didnt look to great, so ill have to play with it when it comes in. but i wasnt that impressed

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    6 TO 6. If anyone has this thing please im me. I would like to try the video out.
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    Can you use the isight with imovie?
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    Nope, and that sucks. I don't think you can record with it. BOOOOOO
  10. Mal
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    Could someone who has an iSight please post a screenshot of the video, maybe a link so we can see the full quality? That would help a lot. Thanks!

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    Very strange!!
    i think that it will work perfect with imovie.
    maybe later
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    I just tried Final Cut Pro 3 and I still get nothing.
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    So, only works with ichat??
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    Seems like it.
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    i have one and it owrks with all the current webcam programs. I'll post a clipon my site later of mpeg4 at medium quality.
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    Ok great!!
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    Does that include Windows webcam programs?
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    If someone wants to video chat, I got my Canon hooked up, Video IM me at:

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    arn was nice enough to host the video on his server

    I filmed it using BTV pro Carbon
    320x240 ~looked cleare than 640x480
    Mpeg-4 Compression

    used my isight ofcouse

    I added extra lights to hopefully get more details in the video. the subject is my dog leila shes a lab mix.

    the video looks pretty good in ichat

    it looks ok..the bottom line, its still a webcam
    i've only tried it with macwebcam programs

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    Very good sample!!
    the quality of the isight seems pretty good.
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    thx.... i tried to find a way to show a good sample of quality without hogging too much bandwith
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    Can you post some pictures of the isight?
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    scroll up. what the hell keith, that looks much better than when we tried it. did you play with it.

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    ok... thats at a smaller size, and i took one of my dads lights, the kinda you use under the car and hung it up in the room...it might be ichat screwing up the lightin, i will have to mess around more
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    Someone im me. I would like to try this out.

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