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It begins...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by reflex, Nov 6, 2002.

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    Check the store on your favorite Apple website to see this:

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    :eek: It's another one of these threads! :eek:
    Let the speculation as to what this means begin...
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    I can buy a nice new iBook soon?
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm guessing the store will be up by 9 AM. Where's shrek, should be interesting to see what happens with the stock today.....

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    Hopefully update to both the ibook and the powerbook! :confused:
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    know whats hillarious about that page????

    Its an old template, look at the top nav bar, it says itools and there is no switch button.


    I think thats pretty funny. The webdesign team is falling behind. If they need to hire someone new i'm available. :D
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    There it is... 1GHz with Superdrive

    It's up
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  9. jMc
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    With Radeon 9000 Mobility - 64MB!!!

    With the radeon 9000!
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    Awesome. Awesome.

    $999 iBook, and 1GHz PowerBook with SuperDrive. Can't afford the latter, but still... awesome.
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    forget that!!! new TiBooks are out!!!! :D
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    And prices have gone down more than I expected in Europe (about 350 euro instead of just 200). And Radeon 7500.

    Sounds like it's time to go Mac :D
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    New 12.1 Combo on it's way - 1-2 days build time. I might get it before the weekend! Anyone want to buy a slightly damaged Clamshell 466?
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    yeah 999. now switching might actually be possible; now i wont have to buy the thing in oregon because of 200 dollar tax :)

    go mac:cool:
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    Damaged Clamshell?

    How damaged?

    How much?

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    Slight damage to the dvd drive plastic cover section (drive still works perfectly though) and more importantly damage to power socket so as the book only charges/runs of mains powes when downwards pressure is applied to charger plug. Means I have to charge the damn thing upside down at the moment! Battery life has also dropped off noticably to ~1h. But worst of all - I and the clamshell are in London. Think eBay might be the way I'm afraid. Hope to get £300-400 ($450-$600, US). If you (or anyone more local! is interested, then mail me: robbie@robbieduncan.net). Almost forgot to say: It's got 320Mb RAM and Jaguar (retail version) with it. Will be taking the Airport card out for the new book though.
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    Thank you...

    ...but No Thank You


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