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itms idea...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by howard, Oct 13, 2003.

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    so i remember there was rumor about apple creating a music label (garage band or whatever)

    wouldn't it be amazing indie artist could go through an apple label to get there stuff on itms... apple could take their 33cent cut and the rest would go to the artist...which is really how it should be! or hell even a 50/50 deal would be a lot better than what the artists are currently getting... the label would still be a label...by that i mean that it would still fish out whats good and whats not...but it would be very very open to all sorts of things... it would just need to filter out anything like a few kids screaming into their ibook mic and sending it in, if you know what i mean...
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    I think Apple Records would have a BIG problem with that.
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    I think Apple records should find a source of income independent of Apple computers.
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    well then apple records already has a big problem with apple computers...

    anyway the label doesn't have to be specifcally apple...it could be another label that apple teams up with just to bypass a record company, give the artist more, and get more artists on itms
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    they would certainly have to have a serious loop to avoid what i think would be very demonstrable copyright infringement on Apple Records. i think that Apple has a tenable position as selling music online via iTMS, but making an actual record label would be clearly overstepping the bounds of apple records.

    i don't think that apple should be directly involved in any record company. it might be nice to have a label that was specifically devoted to making music available via iTMS, but not linked to/owned by Apple. Apple has its fingers in enough pies.
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    Apple Computers could buy out Apple Records. Two benifits that I see for that idea would be:
    1. No more law suit.
    2. Howards idea could become a reality.
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    amen to that. apple needs to just buy 'em out, then they've technically got a label already... they could transform it into a garage band label.

    i'd certainly love to see it. would be a music revolution.

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    baby duck monge

    excellent. it would actually be quite interesting to see the income breakdown for apple records. see how much money comes from where.
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    Buying out Apple Records might take a very large amount of the 4 billion in cash Apple Computer has on hand. The Beatles music is still making a large amount of money I think.
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    Re: itms idea...

    Cd-baby.com does this.. They have a very low upfront fee, and they put your songs on Itms. They take only 10%, so after apple's 39c, you still have 50c!! http://www.cdbaby.net/dd

    I'm not affiliated with them in any way. Matches almost exactly with what you were talking about...
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    yeah i know about the cdbaby deal...which is fantastic! but i'm not sure exactly how its been working yet...i know that apple has to listen to the music first and have a right to deny or accept any of it.
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    I'd love to know when the CD Baby catalog would be added to iTMS....there's a couple things I'd like to have.

    There are also a few other services popping up to put artists up on all the online music services, not just iTMS. I think there will be enough players in that field that Apple wouldn't need to do it themselves. Something in the way of a permanent resolution should be done about the Apple Records situation, though.
  13. TEG
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    I second that Idea, Just have one Apple. Maybe while their at it, they could come to Flint, and buy Applegate Chevrolet, with stickers that look similar to Apple Stickers.


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