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itms makes profit

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by howard, Apr 29, 2004.

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    baby duck monge

    any profit on this, even a small one, is good news for apple. especially if it helps move any other apple products. on top of that, just releasing itunes for windows has opened up so many more people to apple (i have seen a lot of that at my school).

    way to go, and keep it up!
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    It's really nice how every article covering the anniversary feels the need to point out that Apple missed it's 100 million song goal. :rolleyes:
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Thats good news. It shows the model works...
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    true, and none mention the balls you have to have to throw out a figure like that on a very uncertain business.
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    Every article I have seen so far has mentioned that apple 'has fallen short on its estimate of 100 millions songs sold in a year'

    Oh gimme a break, its a sucess, by a whole lot.
  7. mms
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    This is good, considering iTMS wasn't even intended to be making money. It was more for selling iPods. It ended up doing even more, making the Apple name famous. Even though it's a small computer company, it has a big marketshare in the music industry.
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    Congratulations to Steve Jobs, he should be very proud of his accomplishment. Even if it i a small profit, a profit is a profit. :)
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    Do you guys really expect everyone to pretend to not hear that the goal they set wasn't hit? Sure it was a great accomplishment, but it wasn't the goal. That's sort of a big deal.

    Thisnk about G5's, Steve set a goal of 3Ghz by the end of the year, that's what we're expecting. If we don't receive there are going to be some angry people.

    That's why public promises are scary. It takes guts, but it does have side effects.

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    I'd bet that IBM is capable of making 3 GHz PPC970fx chips, though not quickly at this time, and we'll see a dual 3 GHz G5 (probably already designed and ready to go) paper launch at WWDC so Steve doesn't have to eat crow.

    It'll probably ship soon therafter -- I imagine that a processor shortage is the last bottleneck to full-scale production.
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    That's not what I'm getting at, I was just speaking hypothetically. I'm just saying that public promises and goals can be dangerous.


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