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Itouch 2.0-2.2 firmware

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Acronym, Oct 21, 2008.

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    hey i have a 8 gig Itouch with the 1.1.4 firmware i have it setup so i can watch videos via safari, saves all my cookies (passwords ect..) summerboard themes a few games lots of youtube videos downloaded, and a few otherinteresting applications.

    what i am wondering is, is it worth switching over to the 2.2 firmware? can i get these same type of apps if i jailbreak it? or am i better off leaving it the way it is?
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    2.1 firmware is great. Have not tried 2.2 Let me know how it functions.
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    Is this firmware for an iTouch 2G?
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    There is no version 2.2 firmware yet.

    But, a firmware upgrade to 2.1.1 should keep your exisiting settings (since it's backed up in iTunes).
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    all the apps downloaded will stay on the ipod? cause the settings i had set it too are only there because of jailbreaking.
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    No. Only Apples apps will be backed up. Any apps from a 1.1.4 JB will not even run under 2.1

    Most of the apps have been updated to 2.1 You would have to reload them and reset them.
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    doh! I saw 2.2 and thought cool they finally released an update :)

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