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Discussion in 'iPod' started by evanrousso, Apr 9, 2009.

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    I recently decided to enable auto sync on my 80gb iPod classic. It ended up being a big mess because it froze halfway through the syncing. After I was able to eject the iPod and plug it back in I tried it out a few times (I left it going overnight because I have 65GB worth of music) when I cam to check on it in the morning it had froze half way through.

    Does anyone else have this problem, any suggestions. Thanks.

    I am using iTunes 8.1, iPod software 1.1.2.
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    My guess is you have a bad track, or at least one that the iPod doesn't like. In my experience this is generally the cause of a frozen sync, particularly if it's freezing in approximately the same place. Finding out which track is the offender can take some time.

    Take a look at what managed to sync with your iPod before it froze. Try to determine what order iTunes may be using to fill your iPod and where it left off. That might give you a good place to start. Failing that, sync your library in stages. One way to do this would be to set the iPod to only sync checked items, uncheck your entire library, and then proceed to check groups of tracks (small or large selections, up to you) and sync your iPod. Check a group - sync - check some more tracks - sync. You get the picture. You'll eventually reach a point where you will have checked the offending track and the sync will fail (or freeze in your case). Work from there.
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    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the point at which iTunes hangs is completely random. I have resorted to transfering tracks little by little (which is very irritating) until iTunes freezes again and just hope I can eventually get everything on there.
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    #4 the iPod connected via a hub?
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    It is connected via USB directly into the back of the iMac, not even using the dock.

    Now when I plug the ipod in it is saying that it is corrupted and needs to be restored.

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    I have had to restore this ipod 4 to 5 times in the past few days. It always restores fine and when I am able to copy songs to it it plays fine. It just wont let me do too many songs at a time or something.

    Please help!
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    any luck?

    i'm having a similar problem with my 80g classic and itunes. have you found a solution?? thanks!
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    I have a similar problem with my 80 gig classic. I think there's something wrong with this model in particular because it seems to be having this problem a lot. When I investigated this problem on the Apple Forums, Apple kept responding with "We're currently working on a resolution for this issue." I've heard different things that work, but none have yet to work for me.

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