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Itunes cannot restore error 23 ?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by iag48, Dec 2, 2008.

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    I am trying to unlock my buddy's iphone with PWNAGE 2.2 but when I try to restore the iphone with the custom ipsw, I get an error 23. I have unlocked about 4 iphones and this is the first time I get this message.
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    See if you have a default web browser set
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    What do you mean? are you talking about phone itself or the macbook?
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    This is pretty common. Are you sure the phone is in DFU mode?

    If you still cant get it to work, try restoring a stock firmware first, or run quickpwn, and then try to restore your pwnage ispw again.
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    Yea, I am in DFU for sure. I followed every step on the iclarified tutorial. Itunes starts to prepare the iphone and then I get the error and my phone screen turns white. I have never seen the screen go completely white.
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    by the way how would I go about installing the stock firmware? where is it available?

    I tried to instal the default itunes 2.2 restore but I get the same message.

    My buddy bought it from some guy on craigslist. when he received it the screen was on the "CONNECT TO ITUNES". He told my friend that he attempted to unlock it and was not successful. I am starting to think he bricked the phone perhaps? or maybe he used another software or Windows machine and I have to use the original software he used?
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    So you have never had the phone working? I cant say for sure what is wrong, but it is probably not bricked. I have fixed a few peoples phones with that error a few times by doing what I said above, but this could definitely be something else.

    Have you tried restoring different versions of the firmware? I would try a 1.x version first if you cant get 2.2 working. Once you get it up and running it should be easy to upgrade.
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    Is there anyway to find out the specific error code 23?

    On Apple's site there is no information regarding this error.

    btw thanks for taking time out to assist me.
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    This comes straight from Apple's support website:

    This can occur if no default browser is specified. To set your default browser, follow these steps:

    For Windows Vista

    From the Start menu, click Default Programs.
    Click Set Defaults.
    Click "Set your default programs."
    Select the browser of your choice from the list.
    Click OK.
    For Windows XP

    From the Start menu, click Set program access and defaults.
    Click Custom.
    In the "Choose a default web browser" section, select the browser of your choice.
    Click OK.
    Mac OS X

    Open Safari.
    Choose Safari > Preferences.
    Click General.
    Select your preferred browser from the "Default Web Browser" pop-up menu and close the Preferences window.
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    Nimba0, I have Safari as my default browser. I have not been able to find much information about similar error codes. Interesting.

    thanks. If I fix it , I will let you know what was the solution.
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    error 23

    hi friend, i bought an iphone with this error, on a forum, and i am finding out how to repair it, as soon as i know anything i will post it, also if you repair it, please tell us the way. thanks¡¡¡¡¡¡
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    Cova, I definitely will tell you if I find out how to fix it. Does your screen go all white right after you get the error message?

    I'm starting to think its probably a bootleg lol. It certainly does not look and feel that way.
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    yes man, i have no idea, no post on google about the error 23, it i strange, do you think the iphone will die???? thanks friends¡¡¡¡
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    Well, I know that problem:

    1. after my iphone fell down last week, it didn´t recognize my sim card anymore. I restarted it and then I got a message telling me to restore the software

    2. I tried restoring the phone, it prepared the phone and stopped, giving me an Error 23. I tried that with the normal software provided by apple as well with a jailbreaked version, no luck so far.

    3. Apple homepage lists some errors: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275
    but there´s nothing about error 23.

    4. Google search gives NO results except this entry.

    5. Worst case could be a hardware problem. I will try to reach Apple support to find out what error 23 means.

    Anybody has any other suggestions?
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    man i have no idea, i call apple, and the told me to wait one week, but man, i think the iphone has died¡¡¡¡¡ do you find out anything??? thanks¡¡¡¡
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    Hey Cova, I called today a store in chinatown that fix, unlocks Iphones and they said they are familiar with the problem. They charge 55 to fix. I ll probably head there if I cannot find another solution.
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    okkk, pleasee tell me as soon as you get results¡¡¡¡ thanks¡¡
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    I'm not sure why you couldn't find it..... here's the link to Apples website. Basic search on their website found it for me. I was also able to find the same thing using google and yahoo.


    It says how to fix error 23, however the topic is about error 23 occurring after connecting Nike+ ipod data from ipod nano..... it's the same error though.

    Just like i told you above.
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    it´s definitely not the error with the default brwoser not specified. I understand that this poses a problem when accessing the webpage to transfer nike+ data, but it´s not connected to the iphone problem. The problem occurs when accessing the phone to restore the software and it gives an fatal communication error. As itunes does not access any webpages after it downloaded the software, error code 23 means a different thing for the iphone. I guess this is to indicate some communication problem in general, but for different reasons in both cases.
    It´s definitely a problem of the phone, as different cables and different computers (mac +pc) and different itunes versions (7.7-8.0.2) don´t change anything
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    Hii for all ... i have the same this problem any one can sloved this problem i tried to change 3 PC also the USB cable ... but tha same i got Error 23 i think the problem not software ..... think the probem hardware ..

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    Hi everyone, i read all the internet on how to bring my iphone alive from the 23 restore error, well after researching i decided to do something myself so this is what i did. I have iphone 3g 16gb and i had 3.0 version and one night i was talking on the phone, and the service went out, and i heard is a buzzz, i restarted it and it never came back, so what i did, i jailbroke it again with redsn0w and it actually came back alive but the problem is that i have no service no wifi no bluetooth, so i was wondering is there anything i can do with my iphone, all the access i have is the usb and jailbroken iphone?
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    Mine is the same, no WiFi, no bluetooth, no 3G, no edge, nothing involving the radios. I think we bricked our phones.

    Mine says my iPhone cannot make or receive calls and to restore in iTunes shich gives the error 23.
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    Hey but thats fine ill rather look at some pics that i have:)
    Ok well here is what i am doing i went to general and pick reset all content and settings which means it will be brand new iphone hopefully baseband, and its says it takes 2 hours, before i couldn't even do anything, not even access any files, well now its actually started the process of restoring ill let you know how it went, and ill post my results, and if it works then the error 23 resolved...
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    Thanks, good luck.

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